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—— 英文翻譯成中文


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  • 接下來,由於這將是一個必填字段,請確保 Multiplicity 設置為 1。
    Next, as this is to be a required field, ensure that Multiplicity is set to 1.
  • 組織者的電子郵件地址是必須字段。請在該字段中輸入數據。
    The Organizer's e-mail is a required field . Please enter data into this field .
  • Eclipse 還是挺聰明的,它知道您不可能總是單單移動某個屬性本身,因此還提供了 Add Required 按鈕,不過在 Eclipse 2.1 中,這個功能並不總是能正確地工作。
    Eclipse is smart enough to realize that you can't always move a field by itself and provides a button Add Required, but this doesn't always work correctly in Eclipse 2.1.
  • Client Auth Required:如果設置此字段,那麼通過此連接器連接的客戶機必須提供有效的客戶機證書。
    Client Auth Required: If this field is set, then clients connecting through this connector must supply a valid client certificate.
  • 研究一種確定舊管道陰極保護電流密度的新方法。現場試驗結果表明,運用該方法確定舊管道陰極保護電流密度是準確實用的。
    A new method is introduced to determine the current density required for protecting an aged underground pipeline. The field test results show that this method is exact and practical.
  • 此處不可為空白。 請輸入您的訊息。
    This field is required. Please enter a message.
  • 來。這是你們系的必修課程表。你應該從入門課程開始。先選些較簡單的基礎課程。
    Here, this is a list of required courses for your field. You should start with the introductory courses. Take the basic and easier courses first.
  • 「目錄服務器」是必需字段。請將數據輸入此字段中。
    The Directory Server is a required field . Please enter data into this field .
  • 如果某個字段為空,就會顯示一條錯誤消息:This field is required。
    If a field is empty, an error message stating This field is required appears.
  • 要點:只有當您不在安裝了 Rational Rose 的機器上執行導入時,才需要該字段的值。
    Important: A value is required in this field only if you are not performing the import on the machine where Rational Rose is installed.