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n. (Toward) (美、加、沙特)特沃德
prep. 向;趨向;對於;接近(時間);靠近;用於,為了(同 towards)
adj. 即將來到的,進行中的
Toward - 朝着,向着,表示動作針對的方向
Toward Point - 指向點,趨向於點,朝向點
toward south - 向南,朝南
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  • 他們對孩子的放任折射出他們自身生活的放浪形骸。
    Their permissiveness toward their children reflects the wild abandon of their own lives.
  • 某個特定時代的人們如何埋葬逝者很大程度上反映出當時人們對待死亡的普遍態度。
    How people in a certain era bury their dead says much about the prevailing attitudes toward death.
  • 父母對學知識是否有用的態度必定會影響孩子對待學業的態度。
    The attitude of the parents toward the usefulness of what is learned must colour the way children approach school.
  • 我想我們都需要反思自己對待健康和疾病的態度。
    I think all of us need to rethink our attitudes toward health and sickness.
  • 大多數科學家可能會傾向於這個觀點。
    Most scientists would probably lean toward this viewpoint.
  • 這是向較低利率邁出的重要一步。
    This is an important step toward lower interest rates.
  • 她在包里翻了一陣,找到了想要的東西,然後朝門口走去。
    She rooted through the bag, found what she wanted, and headed toward the door
  • 他對這事是什麼態度?你摸底了嗎?
    What's his attitude toward this business? Have you felt him out?
  • 地板是平的,但天花板朝他的頭這邊傾斜。
    The floor was level, but the ceiling sloped toward his head.
  • 我終於認識到自己不得不改變對醫務工作的看法。
    I eventually realized I had to change my attitude toward medical practice.
  • 序曲將近結束時帷幕升起來了。
    The curtain rises toward the end of the Prelude.
  • 那種方法對打破僵局會大有幫助。
    That sort of approach should go a long way toward breaking the ice
  • 我們將樂意為它的實現而竭盡全力。
    We shall gladly lend every effort in our power toward its realization.
  • 他最終還是沒能抑制住衝動,把她拉向了自己。
    He finally gave way to an impulse and pulled her toward him.
  • 太陽偏西了。
    The sun declined toward the west.; The sun is to the west.
  • 我會以希望別人對待我的方式來對待他們。
    I'll behave toward them as I would like to be treated
  • 我們正駕車沿280號州際公路往我在伍德賽德的家行駛。
    We were driving along Interstate 280, toward my home in Woodside.
  • 水流將木筏拽向瀑布,木筏的速度越來越快。
    The raft gathered speed as the current dragged it toward the falls.
  • 帕特森指着長木桌下的一個普通的紙板箱。
    Patterson pointed toward a plain cardboard box beneath a long wooden table.
  • 兩名男子和一名女子正輕快地沿人行道朝他走過去。
    Two men and a woman were walking briskly down the sidewalk toward him.
  • 樹往房子那邊傾斜。
    The tree leans toward the house.
  • 這些事件都是將要進行變革的徵兆。
    These events were all signposts pointing toward change.