Wei Li

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Wei Li - 參審員,魏禮
Wei-Li Wu - 吳偉力,武衛莉,吳薇莉
Wei-Li Huang - 黃偉莉,黃偉力,黃偉俐
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Wei Li
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  • 本文對王維和李白的山水田園詩的異同作了比較分析。
    This article compares and analyses the similarities and differences of Wang Wei and Li Bai's Idylls.
  • 哦,我沒有英文名字,因為我喜歡別人叫我李偉。
    Well, I don』t have an English name because I prefer to be called Li Wei.
  • 李亞偉我永遠不會說分手,寶貝我愛妳,請妳好好珍惜我。
    Ya-Wei Li I will never break up with me, baby I love you, please you treasure me.
  • 魏黎總經理說:「要想知道客人要什麼,就把自己當成客人去感受,自然而然的會關注細節,從而能更好地呈現給客人法式奢華體驗。」
    Wei Li said, "If we feel what our guests feel, we would know what they want and naturally would pay attention to details for a better experience of French luxury for guests."
  • 號稱「寧都三魏」之一的魏禮有豐富的詩學思想。
    In the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, Wei-li, who is one of the "Ning Du San Wei", has rich poetic thought.
  • 據來自這家媒體的消息,今早李佳薇被問到網站流傳的丈夫李厚霖時說,「那是不正確的,你們最好查清楚再來問我。」
    " According to the news media, this website circulated asked Li Jia Wei Li Houlin husband said, "That is not correct, then check out the best you ask me.
  • 魏聖美超過了索倫斯坦,和韋麗,她在第二輪打出68杆,低於標準杆2杆的好成績,也就是說她兩輪的成績為140杆(72-68),平標準杆。
    Wie more than Sorenstam, and Wei Li, in her second round of a 68-par two good results, that is to say her two rounds of the score of 140 (72-68), Ping Par.
  • 李商隱詩歌的色彩表現藝術體現師法自然的賦色原則,這與李白、王維、李賀詩歌的設色有所不同。
    The art of color expression in Li Shangyin's poetry follows the principle of imitating the nature, which is different from that of Li Bai, Wang Wei and Li He.
  • 而對於出身隴右的其他抗金名將如張俊、王庶、王德、郭浩、楊政、張威、李彥仙等人的研究幾屬空白,有待深入研究。
    The researches about generals as Zhang Jun, Wang Shu, Wang De, Guo Hao, Yang Zheng, Zhang Wei, Li Yanxian and others are still scarce, waiting for in-depth study.