Wei Ming Wei

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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  • 恭喜「支銘偉」斬獲冠軍,順利晉級全國總決賽。
    Congratulations to "support Ming-Wei" gains champion, successfully cut the National Finals.
  • 偉明日復一日堅持與威爾遜夫人進行交談,他的英語口語變得越來越流利,越來越自然。
    Day after day Wei Ming kept talking with Mrs. Wilson, and his oral English became more and more fluent and natural.
  • 根據杜維明教授的看法,創意思維一定要從道德觀念,文化價值作為依據。
    According to Professor Tu Wei-ming, creative thinking should be supported by moral and cultural values.
  • 衛明有不同的感觸感染。
    Wei Ming feels differently.
  • 錯。唯一選擇的群體是職業運動員,而所有的明軍從魏索是一種遺傳性的專業人士在軍事系統。
    Wrong, only selected groups were professionals, while all of the Ming armies from the Wei Suo were professionals in an inherited military system.
  • 在明萬曆年間的文壇上,李維楨有着獨特的地位。
    Content: In the Wan-li times' literary world of the Ming Dynasty, Li Wei-zhenwas characteristic of special status.
  • 魏明:我完全贊同。
    Wei Ming:I totally agree.
  • 煒銘透露芷青曾交過一個男朋友,那時因工作忙碌沒有時間陪男朋友,結果對方就變心了。
    Wei Ming reveals Zhi Qing used to have a boyfriend but they broke up when she neglected him because of her work and she has since then been paranoid of relationships.
  • 明初設立的九溪、永定二衛,到了清初已經演變為徵收屯賦、管理屯民的地方行政性管轄機構。
    The Jiuxi Wei and the Yongding Wei, which established in early Ming Dynasty have transformed the administrative organization which collected taxes and managed the population purely in Qing Dynasty.
  • 分離和提純;細胞培養,方法;人肝星狀細胞。
    An effective method of isolating and culturing human hepatic stellate cells ZHANG Wen-wei, XU Lie-ming.
  • 黎明正和魏芳談論他們的老師。
    Li Ming is speaking to Wei Fang about their teacher.
  • 根據杜維明教授的看法,創意思維一定要從道德觀念,文化價值作為依據。
    According to Professor Tu Wei-ming of the Harvard University, creative thinking should be supported by moral and cultural values.
  • 魏明: 你看到過動物嗎?
    Wei Ming: Did you see any animals?
  • 自明代詩學將漢魏分論,到清人選詩有「漢音」、「魏響」之談,至今影響甚巨。
    The separation of the Han poetry from Wei poetry dates from the Ming Dynasty's poetics. The critics of the Qing Dynasty, while selecting poems, named them "Han Yin" and "Wei Xiang" respectively.