Xiao Wei

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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  • 凌驍給魏薇打電話,魏薇還在生氣,沒有接聽他的電話。
    Ling Xiao call wei wei, wei wei also in angry, not answering his phone.
  • 以活血化瘀為主,採用自擬消萎湯辨證加味治療慢性萎縮性胃炎62例,總有效率為93.55%。
    In the method of activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, used self-make Xiao Wei Decoction treatment of chronic atrophic gastritis 62 cases. The total effective rate was 93.55 percent.
  • 課後,魏曉站起來慢慢走到老師的桌前。
    After class, Wei Xiao stood up and walked slowly toward his teacher's desk.
  • 君合的管理合伙人肖微認為這些新合伙人及顧問的提升也顯示本所發展和壯大新一代法律專才的努力將會持續。
    According to managing partner Xiao Wei, the large-scale promotions made this year demonstrates Jun He's commitment to developing and advancing the next generation of legal talent in China.
  • 莉莉與藍大風游湖談心非常開心,但看到艾卡娜四處尋覓本人,只好偷偷溜回去,艾卡林帶小雲回到了度假村,薇妮和艾卡娜再次吵架。
    Lily and blue winds boat heart-to-heart very happy, but see moxa card na around to find himself, sneak back, ai card back resorts, woodland xiao yun wei ni and ai card na again quarrel.
  • 本文中採訪的沈麗、魏笑和方超均為化名。
    Shen Li, Wei Xiao and Fang Chao are not the real names of the interviewees.
  • 為了得到王生的愛,小唯和王生的原配夫人佩蓉(由趙薇飾演)展開明爭暗鬥。
    Thus begins a tussle for General Wang's heart by both Xiao Wei and Vicky Zhao's Pei Rong, who is the dutiful and demure wife of Wang Sheng.
  • 老安住院期間,小尉一直送飯,突然有一天再也看不見小尉的身影。
    While Lao An was hospitalised, Xiao Wei has been sending him food regularly until one day she disappears.
  • 小薇說:「即使我們以後不能在一起,我們還是希望能記錄下所有珍貴的回憶,所以我們決定去拍婚紗照,這會讓我們回想起共度的美好時光。」
    "Although we can`t be together in the future, we want to record all our precious memories, so we decided to take wedding photos, which will remind us of all the good times we shared," said Xiao Wei.
  • 顯慶元年,劉仁願被授予左驍衛郞將。
    Qingyuan Xian year, Liu was awarded the Left is willing to Xiao Wei Lang will be.
  • 華南理工大學輕工與食品學院;
    ZHANG Er-juan; HE Xiao-wei(College of Light Industry and Food Science; South China University of Technology; Guangzhou 510640; China);
  • 小偉:請給我再加點水吧。
    Xiao Wei: Can I have some more water, please?
  • 我的兩個朋友肖榮和魏斌說也要隨我一起去。
    My friends, Xiao Rong and Wei Bin, said they would come with me.
  • 小偉: 湘菜挺辣的,廣東菜一般是甜甜的。
    Xiao Wei: Hunan cuisine is hot, and Cantonese food is usually sweet.
  • 小偉:那你更喜歡中餐還是西餐?
    Xiao Wei: Do you prefer Chinese food or Western food?