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n. 英語字母表的第1個字母;A音;A類;幹線公路;最高收入群體;第一列;第一已知量;表層土壤;A型血;A型號紙;A字形
abbr. 安培 (AMPERE);A紙牌 (ACE);……比…… (AGAINST)
a cappella - 無伴奏合唱,阿卡貝拉,走在大街的女子
A little - 一點,一些,一點兒
Bisphenol A - 雙酚A,雙酚,酚甲烷
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  • 我在自己的一本書上籤了名。
    I autographed a copy of one of my books.
  • 一個男的在街上和我搭訕。
    A man had accosted me in the street.
  • 這是一個購物者不理會昂貴的絲綢衣服而熱衷於更實用禮物的聖誕節。
    It was a Christmas when shoppers passed by expensive silks in favor of more practical gifts.
  • 今天有位新老師來教你們。
    Today you've got a new teacher taking you
  • 他對該國的確知之甚多。
    He did have a real knowledge of the country
  • 侍者端着托盤進來了。
    A waiter entered with a tray
  • 我在等公共汽車。
    I was waiting for a bus.
  • 從她的演奏中我聽出了新一代的奈傑爾·肯尼迪。
    When I listen to her play I can hear a new Nigel Kennedy.
  • 旅途就此結束了,這讓我有點坐立不安,我想是吧。
    This is the end of a tour so I'm a little antsy, I guess.
  • 帶只睡袋。
    Bring a sleeping bag
  • 這不是某個抽象概念的問題。
    It's not a question of some abstract concept.
  • 我特來討教。
    I've come looking for a bit of advice.
  • 她剛生了一個女孩。
    She's just given birth to a baby girl
  • 採訪是在一個星期五的下午進行的。
    The interview took place on a Friday afternoon
  • 不乾膠標籤上的完整地址寫的是彼得伯勒的一位P.R.斯萊特太太。
    The full address on a stick-on label was that of a Mrs P. R. Slater of Peterborough
  • 有些父母認為男孩子必須學會像男子漢一樣頂天立地,勇於抗爭。
    Some parents believe a boy must learn to stand up and fight like a man.
  • 我有了頭痛的先兆。
    I had the beginnings of a headache
  • 他現在是一位教師,並且是社區內受人尊敬的一員。
    He was now a teacher and a respectable member of the community.
  • 博林格RD香檳是一種名貴的備受推崇的葡萄酒。
    Bollinger 'RD' is a rare, highly prized wine.
  • 多數人不難理解為什麼凡·高的作品是天才之作。
    Most people have very little difficulty in seeing why a Van Gogh is a work of genius.
  • 我經營一家旅館。
    I manage a hotel.
  • 我記得帕蒂是姓史密斯的。
    As far as I can recall, Patti was a Smith.
  • 我花很多錢購買昂貴的首飾和衣服。
    I spend a lot on expensive jewelry and clothing
  • 研究繞過了一些問題。
    The research begs a number of questions.
  • 她眼神中流露出深深的悲傷。
    There was a terrible sadness in her eyes
  • 當時我正在丹吉爾的一個市場裡。瞧!我發現了這個。
    I was in a market in Tangier and bingo! I found this.