air compressor

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[機] 空氣壓縮機
air compressor - 空壓機,空氣壓縮機,使用壓縮機
air compressor - 空氣壓縮機
air turbine compressor - 空氣透平壓縮機,空氣透平壓縮機
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  • 如採用往復式壓縮機,可選用DAA100或DAA150空氣壓縮機油。
    If use reciprocating compressor, can choose DAA100 or DAA150 air compressor lubricants.
  • 警告:不要在往復式空氣壓縮機系統中使用。
    Warning: Do not use for Reciprocating Air Compressor Service.
  • 在空氣壓縮機控制系統中,採用空壓機後端出氣管道上安裝的壓力傳感器來控制空氣壓縮機的壓力。
    In the air compressor control systems, the air compressor vent pipe on the installation of pressure sensor to control the air compressor of pressure.
  • 空氣壓縮機已被修復,裝回原處。
    The air compressor has been repaired and fitted back in place.
  • 過濾後的清潔空氣,將通過直接管段進入空氣壓縮機的吸氣口。
    After the clean air filter, will directly into the air compressor pipe through the mouth to breathe in.
  • 這就是為什麼要採用無油壓縮空氣的解決方案的原因,無油空氣壓縮機用在需要高純度壓縮空氣的場合。
    This is why should use no oil compressed air solutions of reason, no oil air compressor in need with high purity compressed air occasion.
  • 在對空壓機要求不高的情況下,一般採用調製式控制,即通過控制壓縮機吸入空氣的量來保證系統所需要的空氣壓力。
    In the air compressor demand is not high, the general use of the modulation control, that is, through the control of air inhaled compressor is to ensure that the system need air pressure.
  • 他們的人造心臟,由一個可以放在背包里的小型空氣壓縮機提供動力,已經在800多名患者身上移植成功,並成為它們移植真正心臟之前的過渡品。
    Its device, powered by a small air compressor that can be carried in a backpack, has been implanted in more than 800 patients as a bridge before transplant.
  • 盒子內部是一台空氣壓縮機和一台真空泵。
    Inside the cabinet are an air compressor and a vacuum pump.
  • 參與設計了一套以壓縮空氣作為氣囊氣源,包括空氣壓縮機、壓力容器、大通徑電磁閥為主要裝置的試驗系統。
    Involved in designing a set of test system, which gas source is compressed air, and the main device includes air compressor, pressure vessel, Chase Drive solenoid valve.
  • 空壓機吸入一定體積和壓力的空氣,並將其壓縮為體積更小壓力更高的空氣後輸出。
    Air compressor suction certain volume and pressure of the air, and the compression for smaller pressure higher after air output.
  • 在很短時間內,使機體打破,連杆彎曲,活塞和缸套下部打壞,並造成機帶空氣壓縮機損壞。
    And in very short time, the engine body was broken, connecting rod were bent, pistons and lower parts of cylinder liners damaged, and air compressor driven by the said engine damaged as well.
  • 空氣壓縮機是廠里的重要設備,必須保證每天24小時能夠正常運轉。
    Air compressor is the important equipment factory, we must ensure that 24 hours a day to normal operation.
  • 這個空氣壓縮機不能工作。
    This air compressor doesn't work.
  • 如今領先的手持等離子系統包括使其實現全部性能的技術——通過大小合適的電動發電機以及便攜式空氣壓縮機或壓縮空氣罐來運行。
    Now the hand-held plasma system includes leading the performance of the technology-achieving all the right size through electric generator and portable air compressor or compressed air tank to run.
  • 遠處為空氣壓縮機,系統內所有自動閥均為氣動,開關迅速。
    In the distance, there is the air compressor. All valves in this system are pneumatically operated with quick opening and closing.
  • 啟動空氣壓縮機上次是什麼時候通過專門檢驗的。
    When did the starting air compressor pass its last special survey?
  • 另外緩衝器可以減緩壓縮機與空氣系統的壓力波動,為空氣乾燥器和其他設備提供更為穩定的壓力和空氣流量。
    Buffer Another buffer can be slowed down and the air compressor system pressure fluctuations, for air drier and other equipment with more stable pressure and air flow.
  • 該設備在單台或多台空氣壓縮機組上均可配套使用。
    The equipment in the single machine or many sets of air compressor are supporting the use on.
  • 公司生產的往復式活塞空氣壓縮機,小功率電動機以「奇諾特」商標註冊,嚴格執行國家與行業標準。
    The reciprocating air compressor and the small-power motor with the registered trademark of Kenote manufactured by our company strictly adhere to the state and industry standard.
  • 但是還沒有等他給輪胎打好氣,他的小型壓縮機的氣管爆裂了。
    But no sooner had Nicolas plugged the leak than the tube that connected his portable air compressor to the tire tore.
  • 空氣壓縮機內的水份,油質必先釋出。徹底清洗、查看噴塑烤房、通風濾網。清洗噴塑烤房地上。
    Air compressor oil in the water, first released. Thorough cleaning and check spray barn, ventilation filter. Cleaning spray baking room on the ground.
  • 只有無油空氣壓縮機才能產生無油的壓縮空氣。
    Only no oil to produce an air compressor oil free compressed air.