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vt. 分配;撥給;分派
n. (Allot)人名;(英)阿洛特;(西)阿略特;(法)阿洛
allot - 分配,指派,撥給
glass allot - 玻璃壓片
bonus allot - 獎金分配,獎金分配方案
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分配; 指派; 分配給; 撥出
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  • 高價值的人能很好地管理時間、情感和能量,能根據優先級列表仔細分配個人資源。
    High-value people are excellent time, emotion, and energy managers who carefully allot their personal resources according to their priority list.
  • 一個變數配置的區域可以不與接下來使用, ( 逗點) 或ALLOT 配置的區域連續。 例如。
    The region allocated for a variable may be non-contiguous with regions subsequently allocated with , ( comma) or ALLOT. For example, in.
  • 它有指定、分配的意思。
    It had a meaning of 「assign」 or 「allot.」
  • 這種人他們自己將會在考前分配給自己足夠的時間以慢悠悠吃飯洗澡。
    This person will even allot themselves enough time before the exam to enjoy a meal AND shower.
  • 通過使用 HMC,您可以將 CPU、內存、磁盤和其他硬件資源分配到單個 LPAR 中,這些 LPAR 可作為主機 System p 硬件中的虛擬 AIX 服務器。
    Using the HMC, you can allot CPU, memory, disk, and other hardware resources to individual LPARs, which serve as virtual AIX servers within the host System p hardware.
  • 如果你經常匆忙的趕赴約會或者趕赴你必須要到的地方,那是因為你沒有在你的時間表里為準備和路上分攤足夠多的時間。
    If you』re constantly rushing to appointments or other places you have to be, it’s because you don』t allot enough time in your schedule for preparing and for traveling.
  • 務必確認你把時間分配到了你清單上的事——不要把這些都花在了電視或者用其他事情填滿你的時間。
    Be sure to allot that time you』ve created to the things on your short list —don』t just use it up with television or other space fillers.
  • 儘管這三個月沒有足夠的時間進行測試,這使遞減率不斷增加。
    The three months, though, didn't allot enough time for test, causing an increased regression rate.
  • 你每天分配一定的時間研究市場。
    You allot a certain amount of time to the markets each day.
  • 不管是輕微還是嚴重反覆檢查,對我們的身心和生活來說,都是一種沒有效率的表現。
    Whether its a little over checking or allot of over checking either way over checking is not energy efficient to our bodies, mind and life.
  • 給大多數部門分配固定的資金。
    Allot regular funding to most departments.
  • 詢盤如此之多,我們只能分給你們200箱貨。
    4,Enquiries are so large that we can only than allot you 200 cases.
  • 詢盤如此之多,我們只能分給你們200箱貨。
    Enquiries are so large that we can only allot you 200 cases.
  • 在工作上我有固定分配的時間,周二到周五,我在早上八點到凌晨兩點這段時間創作,剩下的時間我和家人在一起。
    BRIAN: There's a time that I allot for [work]. Tuesday through Friday, that's when I decide between 8 at night and 2 in the morning that I create the magic.