artistic director

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Artistic Director - 藝術總監,藝術指導,翻譯公司總監
artistic crewhenion director - 美術請教
Guest Artistic Director - 特邀翻譯公司總監
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  • 他的作品,將這些表演,生活與藝術總監喬恩路德維希。
    He works with the Artistic Director Jon Ludwig to bring these performances to life.
  • 但是,戛納電影節的藝術總監泰瑞-福瑞毛斯說,他們不會有意“照顧”知名電影導演。
    But Thierry Fremaux, artistic director of the festival, says there was no deliberate promotion of well-known filmmakers.
  • 於是,你與藝術總監進行了交談,並邀請她來辦公室就她想帶領這個團體前進的方向進行一次長談,之後,你讓她遞交一份意向書。
    You spoke to the artistic director.After inviting her to your office for a longer conversation about the direction she wants to take the organization, you asked her to submit a letter of intent.
  • 你們都堅信基金會有可能幫助那個藝術總監找到一些籌款的方法。
    You all discuss that the foundation might find some opportunities for the artistic director around fundraising.
  • “我們想要人們來看,並嘖嘖稱奇”,該秀的藝術總監林正宗(音譯)解釋說。
    “We want people to come and say ‘Wow, wow, wow,’ ” explains Lin Zhengzong, the show’s artistic director.
  • 如果深色頭髮使 你的膚色顯得過於蒼白,可以選擇亮彩古銅色的化妝品,這是蘭蔻國內藝術總監的建議。
    If your dark hair makes your complexion appear too pasty, shimmery bronzer is your ticket, says Ross Burton, Lancôme's national artistic director.
  • 她剛剛被任命為昆士蘭劇團的藝術總監。
    She has just been appointed artistic director of Queensland Theatre Company.
  • 艾迪·馬列特(Eddie Maleterre),歐萊雅巴黎的化妝專家以及多倫多LG時尚周(LG Fashion Week)的藝術總監,提議說,你可以先把鏡子平放在桌子上,然後從上方往下照鏡子。
    Eddie Maleterre, official makeup artist for L'Oréal Paris and artistic director of Toronto's LG Fashion Week, says to start by putting your mirror face-up on a table so you're looking down into it.
  • 倫敦奧運會組委會17日宣布,奧斯卡最佳導演獎得主丹尼·鮑伊爾將執導2012年倫敦奧運會開幕式。
    Oscar-winning film-maker Danny Boyle will be artistic director for the London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony, organizers announced Thursday.
  • 當時史派西正短暫訪問倫敦,在老維克劇院(Old Vic Theatre)舉辦一場義演並且擔任藝術指導。
    Mr. Spacey made a quick trip to London to host a benefit at the Old Vic Theatre, where he serves as artistic director.