as large as life

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as large as life - 與原物一樣大小
And there she was as large as life! - 那就是她本人!
large as life - 逼真的,又名
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  • 而且具有良好的抗腐蝕性能,從而延長大管樁的使用壽命,有推廣應用的價值。
    In addition, it ensures good anti-corrosive property, so as to prolong the service life of large pipe pile, and thus it is worthy of popularizing.
  • 丹佛在1990年,因飛機失事而亡,而這首曲子後來就更顯·意義更顯蹊蹺非常。
    This song would later have a large significance in his life as a plane crash would take his life in the 1990's.
  • 在生活中要獲得最大程度的快樂,是靠我們自己的選擇。
    We are all to a large degree as happy in life as we choose to make ourselves.
  • 這隻玩具狗和真狗一樣大。
    The toy dog is as large as life.
  • 真是約翰,千真萬確!
    There was John, as large as life!
  • 在我們的日常生活中,旋轉給我們的印象只是一種用來挖土的工具。
    In our daily life we know the auger as a large , dynamic iron tool which moves clay and digs into the earth.
  • 塑像和真人一般大小。
    The statue of Washington was as large as life.
  • 隨着計算機和網絡技術的不斷更新和發展,互聯網在很大程度上影響和改變着人們的學習、工作和生活,但同時互聯網上的侵權行為也深深地困擾着人們。
    Internet has effecting our study, word and daily life in a large extent as the development of the computer and network technology, but at the same the act of tort on internet also troubled us deeply.
  • 我有十五年沒有見過她,卻在那裡遇見她了,沒錯,就是她!
    I hadn't seen her for fifteen years and then there she was, (as) large as life.
  • 因此,20世紀最長壽命12年的增長幅度只不過是同期平均壽命增幅(36年)的三分之一。
    So the increase of 12 years in maximum life expectancy during the 20th century was just one-third as large as the increase in average life expectancy during the period (36 years).
  • 真是約翰,千真萬確!我真沒有想到會見到他。
    There was John, as large as life! I was very surprised to see him.
  • 心有多大,舞台就好多大如何翻譯,求助…
    The stage of life is as large as your heart permits.
  • 心有多大,人生的舞台就有多大!
    The stage of your life is as large as your heart.
  • 假若一個人對生活和人生的溫度在0℃以下,那麼這個人的生活狀態就會是冰,他的整個人生也只有他雙腳站的地方那麼大;
    If his attitude to the life is below 0℃, the state of his life is just as the ice. The whole life would be just as large as the field he stands on;
  • 於是生命體的體積越來越大,機構也越來越複雜。
    Therefore, the size of mobile life forms became increasingly large as the organisms became increasingly complex.
  • 作者寫到,SAFS口服抗真菌藥有效是通過約60%的患者生活質量得分有很大的改善得出的判斷。
    "SAFS responds to oral antifungal therapy as judged by large improvements in quality of life in about 60% of patients, " the study authors write.
  • 這張肖像和真人一般大。
    The portrait is drawn as large as life.
  • 我有十五年未見過她,卻在那裡遇見她了,沒錯,就是她。
    I hadn't seen her for fifteen years and then there she was, large as life .
  • 這個理念,一經提出,不僅設計界,甚至時尚界乃至生活中的大大小小方面都開始備受推崇。
    This concept was put forth, not only the design community, and even the fashion industry as well as large and small aspects of life are beginning to respected.