audio cable

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Audio Cable - 音頻線,音頻電纜,聲頻電纜
Audio Signal Cable - 音頻信號線
Audio Visual Cable - 視頻線
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  • 我們自己生產線材已經有25的時間了,我們有電話線一系列產品及音頻信號連接線。
    Of our own production of wire rod has 25 time, we have a telephone line a range of products and audio signal cable.
  • 只要將揚聲器線纜(或者其他模擬音頻線)放在距離通電電纜很近的時候,就能聽到嗡嗡的干擾聲。
    An audible buzz can be heard when placing speaker cables (or any other analog audio cable) within a few inches of a live power cable.
  • 您所有所需要做的就是準備好聲頻電纜和音樂或歌曲。
    All you need is the included audio cable and the music or sounds.
  • 本音箱只需用USB線供電,USB供電和音頻輸出是同一根USB線,隨筆記本電腦開關機自動啟動。
    The speaker only powered by USB cable, USB power and audio output with a USB cable, with the laptop switch machine starts automatically.
  • 廣播技術包括高清晰電視、有線電視和數字電音廣播;
    The broadcasting technology includes high definition television, fiber cable television, and digital audio broadcasting.
  • 連接器,多通道聲頻系統,電子設備,和用於連接的電纜。
    Connector, multi-path audio-frequency system, electronic apparatus and cable for connection.
  • 返回連接器:USB,音頻輸入,音頻輸出,電源線。
    Back connectors: USB, Audio in, Audio Out, power cable.
  • 音頻輸出端口可使你與立體聲揚聲器或有源音箱相連(音頻電纜需要單獨購買)。
    An audio jack lets you connect to a stereo or powered speakers (audio cable sold separately).
  • 音響用電線電纜是音響技術不可忽略的另一類科技產品。
    The audio wire and cable is one of the important components of audio equipment.
  • 日出使用一個相當不錯的,厚實圓滑的舊電纜音頻電纜CT6讓人聯想到,或一個勝者的FX500使用。
    Sunrise use a pretty nice, thick cable reminiscent of the old Sleek Audio CT6 cable, or the one that Victor use on the FX500.
  • 華凌電子元件廠是專業生產各種電子接插件,音視頻連接線,網絡通訊電纜,電腦線,光纖電纜的廠家。
    Hualing Electronic Components Factory is a leading enterprise specialized in producing variety of connectors, electrical connection wire, audio & video cable, computer cable, fiber optic cable.
  • 作為附加部分,新單雙AES/EBU數字化視頻電纜可以被成功應用在平衡線模擬應用中。
    As a bonus, the new single-pair AES/EBU Digital Audio cable can be used successfully in balanced-line analog applications.
  • 廣泛應用在光纖、電纜、電腦電源線、HDMI線、音視頻線及汽車、空調、冰箱等線束的保護及美化上。
    Widely used in optical fiber, cable, computer power cord, HDMI cable, audio and video lines and cars, air conditioners, refrigerators and other wiring harness on the protection and beautification.
  • 運用時,用力拉扯音頻線,能夠招致耳機保護。
    When used force pull audio cable, headset may damage.
  • 應用:喇叭線、訊號線、高解析度多媒體介面線、漆包線、鍍錫線、鍍銀線、電子線、各種電力、通信電纜導體、冷鍛用線。
    Applications:Speaker Cable, Audio Cable , HDMI Cable, Magnet Wire, Tin-Plated Wire, Silver-Plated Wire, Electric Wire, Electric Cable and Cold Heading Wire.
  • 電纜內部的電容很低,使得其模擬音頻性能非常好,甚至是很長的電纜。
    The cable's inherent low capacitance results in excellent analog audio performance, even over long cable runs.
  • 數字電視利用數字技術在廣播信道以及有線電視中傳輸視頻音頻信息。
    Federal Communications Commission to digital TV ( DTV ), the use of digital transmission of video and audio information on broadcast channels and cable TV .
  • 本文論述音頻廣播和電視信號共線電纜分配系統的設備與部件,以及共線系統的設計和調試。
    This article describes equipment and parts of cowire cable distribution system for audio broadcast and television signals and the design, alignment and testing of co-wire systems.
  • 可調整的音頻電纜減振最大限度地減少電纜振動設備。
    An adjustable audio cable vibration reducing device for minimizing cable vibration.
  • 其早期用戶包括玩具公司Mattel和視頻/音頻組件提供商Monster Cable。
    It counts toy company Mattel and audio/video components supplier Monster Cable among its early customers.
  • 影響音響線材品質,主要由組成線纜的導電線芯和絕緣材料的材質,以及線纜結構等三大因素。
    The major factors that affect the quality of audio wire and cable are quality of conductor, quality of insulation and cable construction. The conductor usually is made of copper.