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vt. 使美化,使變美
vi. 美化
beautified - 被美化的
beautified translation - 美譯
Beautified chart - 美化圖
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  • 因為以前都是出風光紀實,又怕賣不掉。
    They always used to make beautified histories, and they're also afraid that it won't sell.
  • 如果他有足夠時間,他上周日就會美化這個庭院。
    If he had had enough time, he would have beautified the courtyard last Sunday.
  • 工人的舊房屋都裝飾成了度假別墅。
    The old farm workers' cottages are being beautified into holiday homes.
  • 也就是說,無論美化的軸線還是廊道,抑或非機動車道運動,都是為了滿足城市居民的美學和遊憩需求。
    That is, they were developed to address esthetic and recreational needs of city dwellers-beautified axes and corridors as well as non-motorized routes of movement.
  • 聽了那個令人振奮的回答後她的臉顯得更美了。
    Her face beautified at the encouraging answer.
  • 如此,溫達文的森林得到主奎師那蓮花足印的美化,顯得比無憂星球更加燦爛輝煌。
    In this way, the forest of Vrndavana manifested even greater splendor than Vaikuntha, due to being beautified by the marks of Sri Krsna's lotus feet.
  • 附帶說明溫克爾曼美化古典藝術的時代因素。
    In addition, the thesis finally illustrates why Winklemann beautified the classic art in ancient Greece.
  • 如果他有空的話,他上周日就會美化這個庭院。
    If he had been free, he would have beautified the courtyard last Sunday.
  • 醜惡,就象月光把西部城鎮橫七豎八的街道美化了一樣。
    Humour softened a swindle as moonlight beautified the shapeless streets of the Western town.
  • 在回憶中,湘西被美化了,而美化了的湘西更映襯出現代都市文明的醜陋。
    In his memory, Western Hunan is beautified . The beautified Western Hunan makes the modern metropolis appear ugly.
  • 但過去的四分之一個世紀裡我工作着,重建並美化教堂而沒有跟主教區要一文錢。
    But for a quarter century I have worked and rebuilt and beautified the church without asking a centime from the diocese.
  • 除此之外,首先,先得請服務員把衣服熨一下,把皮鞋擦一下,然後到樓下美容院把頭髮整理一下。
    I know how to do this time. Besides, I will first have our dress ironed and our shoes polished. Then we'll go downstairs to have our hair beautified at the beauty salon.
  • 植樹造林、美化環境、崇尚自然,已成為國際大都市走可持續之路的共識和實際行動。
    The afforestation, the beautified environment, the advocation nature, has become the cosmopolis to walk the sustainable road's mutual recognition and the practical action.
  • 有投產快,造價低,防潮,減輕建築物重量美化環境的優點。
    The utility model has the advantages of quick production, low cost, and damp prevention. The building weight can be reduced, and the environment can be beautified.
  • 還是那位詩人(他使自己的一派增光,否則它就會遜色於其他派別)說得精彩:站在海岸看顛簸在海面上的船隻是一種快樂,站在城堡的窗口看下面一場冒險的戰鬥也是一種快樂;
    The poet that beautified the sect, that was otherwise inferior to the rest, said yet excellently well: 'it is a pleasure, to stand upon the shore, and to see ships tossed upon the sea;
  • 學科滲透、活動滲透、班主任工作中滲透、人格魅力的影響以及優化環境等是其主要實施形式。
    Mental health education can be permeated in school subjects, activities and counsellor's work, and it can also be permeated through the influence of personality and beautified circumstances.
  • 穿西裝與襯衫也有很大關係,襯衫是西裝的一個點綴,具有美化的功能。
    Puts on the western-style clothing and the shirt also has the very big relations, the shirt is a western-style clothing's embellishment, has the beautified function.
  • 與 LDAP5.2 相比,ITDS 是一個改進的版本。
    ITDS is a beautified release compared to LDAP5.2. Some important features are
  • 我的夢想,它很小,但它美化了我的心靈,所以是我的夢想。
    My dream, it is very young, but it beautified my mind, therefore is my dream.
  • 換作任何企業,這樣的經營都是失敗中的失敗,但在米蘭人那裡卻總能以「人情味」、「薪火傳承」為藉口加以美化。
    For any enterprise, so that the operation is a failure of failure, but in Milan, where people are always "human touch" and "Eternal Flame heritage" as an excuse to be beautified .
  • 在應用中也發現了些問題,有待進一步完善。
    Some problems are found in the application, which can be further beautified.
  • 它已經超出藝術美學的範圍,深入到大眾的日常生活空間,日常生活正在被「美化」。
    It already surpassed the artistic esthetics the scope, penetrated to populace's daily life space, the daily life is being beautified.