bleak house

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Bleak House - 荒涼山莊,淒涼的房子,荒蕪山莊
Bleak k House - 淒涼的房子,荒涼山莊
Bleak House Charles Dickens - 荒涼山莊,查爾斯,查爾斯.狄更斯
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  • 《 大衛· 科波菲爾》中 的艾格尼斯、《荒涼山莊》中 的艾斯特和《小杜麗》中 的艾米這三位女主人公都是典型 的維多利亞時代 的家庭天使。
    For most part, the three female figures, Agnes in David Copperfield, Esther in Bleak House and Amy in Little Dorrit, are the emblems of the typical Victorian "angel in the house".
  • 狄更斯所說的「行善到遠方」是什麽意思?以目前我們所讀到的進度,他在作品《荒涼山莊》中如何運用這個概念?
    What does Dickens mean by "Telescopic Philanthropy"? How does he use the idea in the part of Bleak House we've read so far?
  • 就連小說中也不乏人體自燃現象的身影。 如查爾斯·迪勤(Charles Dicken)的《荒涼莊園》(迪勤對自燃的主題迷戀不已,對此他還有過深度地研究)。
    Even fiction has its examples of SHC, as seen in Charles Dicken’s novel, Bleak House (Dickens was fascinated by the topic and researched it thoroughly).
  • 第二章具體分析《荒涼山莊》小說人物的階級地位及其道德屬性,以探討維多利亞早中期社會三個典型階級的生存狀態。
    Chapter Two analyzes the class status and moral attributes of characters in Bleak House to explore the living situations of the three classes in the Victorian Age.
  • 那棟房子位於荒涼的山坡上。
    The house stands on a bleak hillside.
  • 為了對維多利亞時期的作品有粗略的概念,我們會分階段閱讀狄更斯的鉅着《荒涼山莊》,並配合其他的作品一起閱讀。
    In an attempt to approximate a Victorian reading experience, this class will read Dickens's great novel Bleak House in serial installments throughout the semester, alongside other texts.
  • 《荒涼山莊》是狄更斯的小說之一,以第一人稱過去時所寫的章節與第三人稱現在時的敘述並行,兩者間的切換新穎獨到。
    Bleak House is among Dickens novels, uniquely original in its alternation of first-person past-tense chapters with a concurrent third-person account in present tense.
  • 荒涼的;無人煙的,淒涼。
    The house stood in a bleak and desolate landscape.
  • 《荒涼山莊》作為狄更斯的核心之作,清晰而完美地展現了維多利亞早中期英格蘭社會的整個社會風貌。
    As Dickens' most important novel, Bleak House represents vividly and comprehensively the society of England in the early and middle Victorian Age.