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n. [藥][內科] 支氣管擴張劑;支氣管擴張器
Bronchodilator - 支氣管擴張藥,支氣管擴張劑,支氣管擴張藥
bronchodilator treatment - 支氣管擴張劑治療
bronchodilator test - 支氣管擴張試驗,支氣管舒張試驗,擴張試驗
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  • 方法回顧性分析201例疑似哮喘患者支氣管舒張試驗的數據。
    Methods The data of 201 suspicious asthmatic patients with normal pulmonary ventilation function examined by spirometry and bronchodilator reversibility testing were retrospectively analyzed.
  • 經給予支氣管擴張劑及靜脈注射類固醇後,她於五天後出院。
    She was discharged 5 days later after receiving both bronchodilator and intravenous steroid therapy.
  • 我們比較了一種支氣管擴張劑,兩種安慰劑干預,以及不干預對哮喘病人轉歸的影響。
    We compared the effects of a bronchodilator, two placebo interventions, and no intervention on outcomes in patients with asthma.
  • 我將先使用類固醇噴霧劑,一小時後再使用支氣管擴張藥物噴霧劑。
    I will use the steroid inhaler one hour before I use the bronchodilator.
  • 臨床病史提示有氣流阻塞而懷疑支氣管哮喘時,用支氣管擴張藥物後,流量改善超過15% ,可進一步說明支氣管哮喘可能性大。
    Patients with obstruction to air flow on expiration on spirometry that improves by 15% after bronchodilator therapy is further evidence of bronchial asthma that is suggested by clinical history.
  • 慢性咳嗽病人中氣道高反應性(BHR)者占79.6%,胸悶病人中BHR者占62.7%,其中BHR者接受支氣管擴張劑治療,總有效率達92.4%。
    BHR was found in 79. 6% patients with chronic cough, 62. 7% with dyspnea, and that the total effective rate was 92. 4% in those under bronchodilator therapy.
  • 支氣管擴張劑能改善氣道阻力。
    Airway resistances can be improved by bronchodilator.
  • 我將先使用支氣管擴張藥物噴霧劑,在使用類固醇噴霧劑。
    I will use the bronchodilator before I use the steroid inhaler .
  • 通過中心監護、中心供氧、靜脈應用大劑量激素、霧化吸入、解除支氣管痙攣、預防感染、心理及康復護理後,12例患者均痊癒出院。
    After the patients were given centre inspection, centre supply Oxygen, preventing infection, lots of hormone, bronchodilator, psychology nursing and recovery nursing, 12 patients have recovered.
  • 目的:探討應用多功能呼吸機無創通氣結合霧化吸入支氣管擴張劑治療慢性阻塞性肺病(COPD)伴呼吸衰竭。
    Objective: To explore the application of noninvasive ventilation combined with nebulization of bronchodilator for the treatment of COPD with respiratory failure by a complex critical care ventilator.
  • 支氣管舒張劑對咳嗽治療的有效性是該症的基本診斷條件,肺通氣功能和氣道高反應性檢查則是診斷的關鍵方法。
    The fundamental diagnostic criterion is good response to bronchodilator. The key methods for making a diagnosis are the measurements of pulmonary ventilation function and airway hyperresponsiveness.
  • 伴有小氣道功能異常患者的舒張陽性率明顯增高(P<0.05);
    Positive rate of bronchodilator reversibility testing in patients with abnormal small airway function was higher than that in patients with normal small airway function (P
  • 以支氣管組胺激發試驗和支氣管擴張劑試驗對31例緩解期哮喘進行了氣道反應性和氣道阻塞可逆性測定。
    Airway responsiveness and reversibility of airway obstruction were determined in 31 patients with asthma by bronchial histamine provocation test and bronchodilator test.
  • 老年組中支氣管擴張試驗陽性率為81.7% ,與青年組(95.8% )比較差異有顯著性( P< 0.05)。
    There was significant difference in bronchodilator test between the old group (81.7%) and the young group (95.8%) (P
  • 長效吸入型擴張氣管藥是第一種用於治療穩定慢性阻塞性肺疾病的藥品嗎?
    Is a Long-Acting Inhaled Bronchodilator the First Agent to Use in Stable Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease?