burned the stake

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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  • 皇宮外,侍衛長費蘭多講述了吉普賽老婦人的故事,當年這位吉普賽老婦人被當作蠱惑伯爵幼弟的「巫婆」抓了起來並送上火刑台燒死了。
    Outside the royal residence, Ferrando, the captain of the guard, recounts the story of a gypsy woman who was burned at the stake years ago for bewitching the count's infant brother.
  • 格朗迪耶教父的性吸引力讓神職人員嫉妒,讓修女憤怒,因此指控他施巫術並且以此魔咒控制別人,人人都將其燒死而後快。
    Father Grandier's sexual appeal makes the clergy jealous and the nuns outraged, accusing him of sorcery and evil spells, not content until he is burned at the stake.
  • 必須把巫婆綁在火刑柱上燒死或者淹死。
    Witches had to be burned at the stake or drowned.
  • 持異端者被處以火刑。
    Heretics were burned at the stake.
  • 聖女貞德於1431年在該市的火刑柱上被烤死。
    Joan of Arc was burned at the stake here in 1431. Population, 101,945.
  • 他因為信奉異端思想而以火刑處死。
    He was burned at the stake for heresy.
  • 幾年前,電可能讓你毀於一旦。
    A few years before that, it might get you burned at the stake.
  • 他派人抓住了女巫,而且要燒死她。
    The witch was caught and burned at the stake.
  • “這樣的比賽太有趣了,”正如一位辣椒專家所描寫的那樣,“它就像晚上狂歡時去欣賞真人火刑表演。”
    “It's fun,” as one chili pepper expert wrote, “sorta like a night out to watch someone being burned at the stake.
  • 迪安·科索:要是在三百年前你已經被燒死了。
    Dean Corso : 300 years ago, that would get you burned at the stake.
  • 一百二十人綁在木樁上被燒死。
    One hundred and twenty burned at the stake.
  • 它每燒死一個異端分子,就製造出幾千個來。
    For every heretic it burned at the stake, thousands of others rose up.
  • 改教的勇士們在火堆上被活活燒死,歷世歷代無數的烈士為信仰喪生;
    Reformation heroes were burned at the stake. Countless martyrs in various ages have died for their faith.