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v. 使窒息(choke的過去式)
adj. 堵塞的;生氣的,惱怒的
choked - 堵塞的,嗆着了,生氣的
choked stalagmite - 剝刺石筍
choked throat - 壅塞喉道
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生氣的; 惱怒的
窒息, 噎, 阻塞
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  • 我父親站起來,唱起了《你是我全部的世界》,在我們所有人面前,他激動得哽咽起來,親眼目睹他對妻子的摯愛之情,是如此的感人肺腑。
    My dad stood up and used the song, 「You Mean All the World to Me.」 He choked up with emotion in front of us all and it was so powerful to witness the love he had for his wife.
  • 他回來後閱讀的那些文件實際上並沒有告訴他多少情況,卻使他陷入一種窒息和氣急敗壞的心清。
    The papers he had retired to read did not tell him much in fact; but they plunged him into an atmosphere in which he choked and spluttered.
  • 不過,被沉積物堵塞的河水還是傾漫了了大片土地。
    Sediment-choked water nevertheless lingers on large swaths of land.
  • 丹杜爾神廟會在硬紙板上壯麗的蛋彩畫上重新矗立起來嗎? 達夫老師還會再一次用她那嘶啞結巴的嗓音大聲朗讀《真愛無敵》那苦樂參半的結局嗎?
    That the Temple of Dendur would once more be erected in all its cardboard and tempera glory, and the final bittersweet pages of 「Tuck Everlasting」 read aloud in Ms. Duffy’s husky, choked-up voice?
  • 但如今,舉債度日的道路已經被堵死,工作機會又在日益減少,失業率飆升至16年高點。
    But that lending has been choked off, and jobs have vaporized, sending the unemployment rate to its highest in 16 years.
  • 我細心地問她現在覺得怎麼樣,然而她只是用幾乎哽咽的聲音回應我叫我不要再問了。
    I carefully asked her how she was, however, the response was to ask me to keep silent, almost in a choked voice.
  • 這使希刺克厲夫有一分鐘喘不過氣來。 在他噎住的當兒,林惇先生從後門走出,到院子裡,從那兒又走到前面大門去了。
    It took his breath for a minute; and while he choked, Mr Linton walked out by the back door into the yard, and from thence to the front entrance.
  • 全國範圍內有太多像劉快莊這樣的地方,工廠染黑了溪流,毒害了農田和窒息了空氣。
    Nationwide there are dozens of places like Liukuaizhuang, where factories have blackened streams, poisoned farmland and choked the air.
  • 那天晚上,銀河系塞滿了整個天空,而我們在眾多閃耀的星星中無法找到北斗七星。
    That night the Milky Way choked the sky, and we couldn't find the Big Dipper in the twinkling throng.
  • 從我收到的祝福電子郵件里我發現,幾乎每個人都知道某一個人因生菜葉、花生、燉牛肉、百吉餅,或者像我一樣,因雞肉,而窒息的故事。
    And, as I have learned from the many e-mail messages I received from well-wishers, everyone seems to know someone who choked on lettuce, peanuts, stringy beef stew, bagels or, like me, chicken.
  • 我差點被羊角麵包噎住了。
    I almost choked on my croissant.
  • 如果孩子嗆了,有一個電話號。
    If the kid choked, one number.