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Clip art - 美工圖案,美工圖案,剪貼畫
clip-art - 剪輯藝術,美工圖案
Insert clip street art - 拔出剪貼畫
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  • 我希望這篇文章能讓你從此拋棄剪貼畫。
    I hope this article has convinced you to abandon that clip art gallery once and for all.
  • 另一方面,如果用戶決定導入一幅剪貼畫,儘管這項功能與創建一幅好畫的目標有關,但它所用的工具與畫圖無關。
    If, on the other hand, you decide to import a piece of clip art, although the function is related to the goal of producing a good drawing , the tools used are not immediately related to drawing .
  • 因此,繪圖最適於背景和剪貼畫。
    For this reason, drawings are ideal for backgrounds and clip art.
  • 設計就是擁有一個畫廊般的剪報本。
    Design is Just Owning a Clip Art* Gallery.
  • 網站,你可以找到經典電影壁紙,屏保和桌面主題,也為您的網頁剪貼畫。
    Sites where you can find classic movies wallpaper, screensavers, and desktop themes as well as clip art for your Web pages.
  • 圖形的質量類似於您在商店購買的許多剪貼畫集合中找到的圖像的質量。
    The quality of the graphics is similar to what you find in many clip art collections that you can buy in stores.
  • 這是我收集食物和度假的美工圖案…
    This is my collection of food and holiday clip art.
  • 鋼筆和鉛筆的使命已經完成,也不再需要剪貼畫了,現在隱藏這些工具無妨。
    The need for pens and pencils is over. The need for clip art is over. Leaving these tools behind now is no hardship.
  • 你可以輸入帶有藝術效果的文本,並且該事件可以存儲起來以便用於選擇的任何年份。
    You enter the event text with its clip art and that event will be stored to be used for any selected year.
  • 這樣看起來更明顯,你可以把一副圖片或剪貼圖片放進文件夾(如何做見下文),這樣就更容易辨認。
    They're easier to see and you can put a picture or clip art on the folder (see how below) so that it's more easily recognizable.
  • “標準1剪貼效果庫”類別中的“剪貼畫”和“圖片”。
    Clip Art and Pictures from the Standard 1 Clip Gallery catalog.
  • 如果你要使用剪貼畫,最好先了解一下許可證協議內容,確保在許可的情況下使用這些圖像。
    If you're using clip art or stock photos, read the license agreements to ensure you're permitted to use the images on your resume.
  • “標準2剪貼效果庫”類別中的“剪貼畫”和“圖片”。
    Clip Art and Pictures from the Standard 2 Clip Gallery catalog.
  • 早在90年代末的剪貼畫與場景變得如此奸商自交系有沒有用,甚至向他們展示左右。
    Back in the late '90s the clip art scene became so inbred with profiteers there was no use even showing them around.
  • 不另一個向量剪貼畫收藏吧!
    Not another vector clip art collection!
  • 目前幾乎沒有關於在UML部署圖中使用可視化衍型的標準,一般的經驗法則是,使用你可以找到的最合適的剪貼畫。
    There are few standards for applying visual stereotypes on UML deployment diagrams, but the general rule of thumb is to use the most appropriate clip art that you can find.
  • 它可以包含標題、文本、圖表、繪製對象、形狀,以及你在其他程序中創建的剪切畫、影片、聲音和其他可視對象。
    Slides can have titles, text, chARTs, drawn objects and shapes, as well as clip ART, movies, sounds, and visuals you create in other application.
  • 它可以包含標題、文本、圖表、繪製對象、形狀,以及你在其他程序中創建的剪切畫、影片、聲音和其他可視對象。
    Slides can have titles, text, charts, drawn objects and shapes, as well as clip art, movies, sounds, and visuals you create in other applications.
  • 現在,您可以找到150,000多種剪貼畫、照片、動畫和聲音以及幫助您在剪貼畫選項卡上使用這些內容的“剪輯提示”。
    Now you'll find over 150,000 pieces of clip art, photos, animations, and sounds, and Clip Tips to help you use them on the Clip Art tab.
  • 閱讀我們的剪輯提示有助於更有效地使用剪貼畫。
    Our clip tips help you use our free clip art most effectively.
  • 您可以搜索某一特定的矢量圖像像類模板,標識物體,體育標誌,國旗,地圖,國徽,符號,標誌或剪貼畫。
    You can search for a particular vector image in categories like templates, logo objects, sport logos, flags, maps, coat of arms , symbols, signs or clip art.