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n. 比較;對照;比喻;比較關係
comparison - 比較,比較級,對比
multiple comparison - 多重比較,多重比力,多重比較法
comparison operator - 比較運算符,比較算子,邏輯算子
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比較; 比喻; 對照
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  • 與其他器官相比,人的心臟是不是很脆弱?
    Is the human heart weak in comparison with the other organs?
  • 相比之下,人類活動燃燒煤、石油等所釋放的二氧化碳要少一些。
    The amount of carbon dioxide released by human activities such as burning coal and oil is small in comparison
  • 我的花園無法和他的相比。
    My garden doesn't stand comparison with his.
  • 為了更好地作出比較,我們需要深入考慮維修、保險等問題。
    To have a better comparison, we need to go further and address such issues as repairs and insurance.
  • 比較起來,這件衣服確實便宜。
    This dress is really cheaper by comparison.
  • 自從他來與我同住,我們之間便摩擦不斷;相比之下,薩拉夫人倒顯得一副菩薩心腸。
    Since he came to live with me, we have been subject to a campaign of spite and revenge which makes Lady Sarah appear angelic by comparison.
  • 臨時的普通參賽者無法與這種選手所掌握的知識和技巧相提並論。
    There is no comparison between the knowledge and skill of such a player and the ordinary casual participant.
  • 建議是建立在對國營部門與私營部門進行詳細比較的基礎上的。
    Its recommendations are based on detailed comparisons between the public and private sectors
  • 我從來沒看到過有人像你在現在這神聖的一刻這樣地莊重、優雅。
    Never have I beheld one that could hold my comparison with what you are at this blessed instant.
  • 比較而言,藝術界的其他領域看起來越發索然無味。
    The rest of the arts scene looks increasingly turgid by comparison.
  • 他發現把昆蟲的翅膀比作一艘帆船在某種程度上是有用的。
    He finds the comparison of insect wings with a sailing boat useful up to a point
  • 她表示:在論文中,我比較了美國和中國的市場。
    In this thesis I made a comparison between the market in the US and China.
  • 從絕對意義上說,工資是提高了,但同生活費用相比較就不能這樣說了。
    In absolute terms, wages have risen, but not in comparison with the cost of living.
  • 相比之下,去年教育經費增加了。
    By comparison, expenditure on education increased last year.
  • 那種比較並非像看起來那麼離譜。
    That comparison isn't as wide of the mark as it seems.
  • 我認為這些書能和狄更斯的作品相媲美。
    I think these books can stand comparison quite happily with works by Dickens
  • 該片與耗資為其10倍的好萊塢製作相比在技術上毫不遜色。
    The film bears favourable technical comparison with Hollywood productions costing 10 times as much.
  • 這樣打比方顯然不公平。
    It is demonstrably an unfair comparison
  • 跟別人相比,他表現好。
    He came off well by comparison with the others.
  • 對兩隊所作的比較表明星期六的比賽很可能是勢均力敵的。
    A comparison of the two teams indicates that Saturday's game will probably be close.
  • 與倫敦相比,巴黎較小。
    By comparison with london, paris is small.
  • 沒有以往的統計數據可供比較。
    There are no previous statistics for comparison.
  • 你愛的人得了致命疾病時,其他一切事情都顯得不那麼重要了。
    When someone you love has a life-threatening illness, everything else pales in comparison.
  • 和世界上其他地方的人相比,他們生活得相當好。
    They were living rather well, in comparison with people elsewhere in the world
  • 任何不完全切合實際的比較都有可能被當作主觀臆斷。
    Any comparison that is not strictly factual runs the risk of being interpreted as subjective.
  • 二者不能相比。
    There is no comparison between the two.
  • 與特西利安相比,那些地方很現代。
    Those places are modern by comparison with Tresillian.
  • 把她的人生比作一次海上航行不足以說明她豐富的經歷。
    The comparison of her life to a sea voyage simplifies her experience.
  • 冷凍食品和新鮮食品不能相提並論。
    There is no comparison between frozen food and fresh food.