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v. 咳嗽;咳出;突然發出刺耳的聲音;厲聲說出;供認
n. 咳嗽,咳嗽聲;咳嗽病
n. (Cough) (美、英)考夫(人名)
Cough - 咳嗽,咳,止咳化痰藥
cough syrup - 止咳糖漿,咳嗽糖漿,止咳水
cough mixture - 鎮咳合劑,止咳藥水,咳嗽藥水
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  • 他咳了一聲說道,「奧爾斯沃西夫人,打斷您一下,我能說句話嗎?」
    He coughed. 'Excuse me, Mrs Allsworthy, could I have a word?'
  • 他咳嗽持續的時間越來越長,直到咳個不停。
    His cough grew more persistent until it never stopped
  • 她顫抖地拿着這張支票,但不得不交出。
    She was shocked at the bill, but she had to cough up.
  • 接着傳來一陣哮喘患者的咳嗽聲和廁所里的沖水聲。
    A split-second later there was an asthmatic cough and the sound of a toilet flushing.
  • 她把止咳糖漿給孩子們喝了。
    She dosed up the children with cough syrup.
  • 我每年將不得不付1萬美元的學費。
    I'll have to cough up$ 10,000 a year for tuition
  • 她的孩子咳得很厲害,這使得她很着急。
    The child has a bad cough and it rather worries her.
  • 症狀包括流淚、流鼻涕、頭痛和咳嗽。
    Symptoms are streaming eyes, a runny nose, headache and a cough.
  • 格雷厄姆開始劇烈咳嗽。
    Graham began to cough violently
  • 一開始咳嗽就馬上試着用鹽水漱口。
    Try gargling with salt water as soon as a cough begins
  • 冬季是易患咳嗽和感冒的季節。
    Winter is a time of cough and cold.
  • 他又是流鼻涕,又是流眼淚,還有點咳嗽。
    He suffered from a snotty nose, runny eyes and a slight cough.
  • 感冒了就容易咳嗽。
    A cold can easily cause a cough.
  • 接着,發動機突然咔咔地響了幾聲,然後就熄火了。
    Then suddenly, the engine coughed, spluttered and died.
  • 好了,說出來,是誰幹的?
    Come on, cough up, who did it?
  • 她咳嗽得非常厲害。
    She coughed a terrible cough.
  • 他配製了一瓶咳嗽藥。
    He made up a bottle of cough medicine.
  • 讓止咳糖在你嘴裡溶化。
    Let the cough drop melt in your mouth.
  • 我開始咯血,於是他們把我轉到了醫院。
    I started coughing blood so they transferred me to a hospital.
  • 這咳嗽藥不難吃,但作用不大。
    This cough medicine tastes nice but it doesn't do much good.
  • 她聽到身後一聲低沉的咳嗽。
    She heard a muffled cough behind her.
  • 他欠我們錢,卻不願還賬。
    He owes us money, but he won't cough up.
  • 公路上揚起的沙子嗆得他咳嗽起來。
    Grit from the highway made him cough
  • 吸入藥劑可以緩解並抑制咳嗽。
    Inhalations can soothe and control the cough
  • 百日咳有強烈的傳染性,因此最好將患者隔離4~6周。
    The great communicability of whooping cough, males it desirable to isolate the patient for four to six weeks.
  • 這能說服國會掏錢嗎?
    Will this be enough to persuade Congress to cough up?