diving suit

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[水運] 潛水衣
Diving Wet Suit - 濕式潛水衣
diving g suit - 潛水服
magnesium alloy diving suit - 鎂合金潛水服
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  • 現在穿尼龍緊身衣褲又稱“皮膚衣”在熱帶地區進行潛水和游泳變得越來越流行。
    Nowaday the Nylon body Suit called "skin" is getting popular in diving and swimming world for sun protection in the tropical area.
  • 他換上另一件潛水衣又下水了。
    He changed into another diving suit and went down.
  • 這件潛水衣的面料採用了仿生原理,像鯊魚皮似的結實好用。
    The material of this diving suit adopts bionic principles so it is as firm as sharkskin.
  • 原理同潛水員穿着潛水服來延遲體溫流失于海水是一樣的。
    The principle is similar to the diver wearing a diving suit to delay the loss of body temperature in seawater.
  • 接着他又發現他的橡膠潛水衣的接縫撕開了,於是他又用熨斗灼燒接口,使接口複合。
    He found that a seam in his rubber diving suit was torn, so he seared it closed with a hot iron.
  • 這次碰見這個怪物就使我想到一定還有其他更可怕的動物時常到這黑沉沉的海底下來,我的潛水衣可能無力保護我,無法抵抗它們的襲擊。
    This encounter reminded me that other, more daunting animals must be lurking in these dark reaches, and my diving suit might not be adequate protection against their attacks.
  • 該公司的全身覆蓋型游泳衣被認為可以使運動員的速度提高3%-4%,尤其是在轉彎或跳水時更為明顯。
    The company's full body suit is supposed to make swimmers 3 to 4 per cent faster, particularly when turning or diving into the water.
  • 奧莉薇再也無法保持理性。她把身上的潛水衣隨手一脫,「真是氣死我了!你看,我也是很有本錢的!」
    Olivia can't keep calm anymore. she takes off the diving suit right away. "Oh my god I am so pissed off! See? I've got everything too! ""
  • 安傑則嚮往去海底舉行婚禮,身着潛水服,在海洋里與無數奇奇怪怪的魚共舞。
    Jack was looking forward to a wedding undersea. Then we could wear diving suit and dance with various fishes.