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n. 工程師;工兵;火車司機
vt. 設計;策劃;精明地處理
vi. 設計;建造
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  • 他是個工程師。
    He is an engineer.
  • 他取得了工程師資格。
    He graduated as an engineer.
  • 另一個希望做一名工程設計人員。
    The other hoped to be an engineer.
  • 一個律師與一個工程師在加勒比海邊釣魚。
    A lawyer and an engineer were fishing in the Caribbean.
  • 一工程師死了之後到天國之門報道。
    An engineer dies and reports to the pearly gates.
  • 這項工程據工程師估價為50 000美元。
    The work was costed by the engineer at $50,000.
  • “作為工程師你必須思考一下,我需要到達什麼樣的安全水平?” 凡德林特表示。
    As an engineer you ask, What level of safety do I need?” van de Lindt says.
  • 在此測試中,測試工程師安裝和設置軟件。
    In this test, the test engineer installs and sets up the software.
  • 作為測試工程師,您可以請求對一個或者更多的實驗資源執行自動化項目。
    As the test engineer, you can request the execution of an automation project on one or more lab resources.
  • “我每時每刻不在擔心我的丈夫,”他的妻子在從洛杉磯家裡的電話上說,他的妻子,李紅也是一位工程師。
    “I worry about my husband every hour of every day,” his wife, Hong Li, who is also an engineer, said by telephone from Los Angeles.
  • 向網絡或者域工程師提供這些信息。
    Provide this information to the network or domain engineer.
  • 當然,這並不能使計算機科學家成為一個軟件工程師,它至多使物理學家成為建橋的最佳的候選人。
    This doesn’t make a computer scientist a software engineer, any more than it makes a physicist the best candidate for building a bridge.
  • 我是一名工程師。
    I work as an engineer.
  • 如果你問世界上任何一個太陽能工程師‘有人可以在農村做這些事麼?’
    If you ask any solar engineer in the world, 'Can anyone make this in a village?
  • 如果你喜歡數學和計算機科學,你可以賺得一個計算機科學或者計算機軟件的學士,成為一個計算機軟件工程師。
    If you enjoy math and computer science, you can earn your bachelor's degree in computer science or in computer engineering and become a computer software engineer.
  • 原先打算讓她當工程師。
    She was meant for an engineer.
  • 她是一名教師,而她的哥哥是一名工程師。
    She is a teacher, while her bother is an engineer.
  • 該公司恢復了他的總工程師職務。
    The company reinstated him as chief engineer.
  • “我【在1967年】剛進入麻省理工時,學校里只有一台電腦;要進入電腦房你必須得使點手段,通常只有工程師才能使用電腦。” 他回憶說。
    “When I came to MIT [in 1967] it had one computer; you needed influence to get inside the building and you had to be an engineer to use it, ” he recalls.
  • “你一定是一個工程師”,熱氣球上的人說。
    You must be an engineer" says the balloonist.
  • 今後你的一切工作都要向總工程師負責。
    From now on you should report to the chief engineer on all matters.
  • 如果您是一個軟件工程師,應該很清楚這個問題,任何給定的子系統或進程,都可被設計用來作為請求者或提供者或兼任兩者。
    If you are a software engineer, it should be clear that any given subsystem or process could be designed to play the role of a requestor or provider or both.