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n. 埃里克(人名,等於eric)
Erick - 埃里克,程廣生,北冥游魚
Erick Barkley - 埃里克·巴克利,巴克利,埃里克巴克利
Erick Villeneuve - 威倫紐夫
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  • 2008年,競賽評審團一致選中了埃里克·范·埃格拉特提交的設計方案。
    In 2008 the jury unanimously selected the design proposed by Erick van Egeraat.
  • 在上面的照片裡,3月4日,軍犬訓犬員、參謀軍士埃里克·馬丁內斯(Erick Martinez),正用肩扛的方式扛着他的愛犬 Argo II在猶他希爾空軍基地接受訓練。
    In the photo above, Staff Sgt. Erick Martinez, a military dog handler uses an over-the-shoulder carry to hold his dog, Argo II, at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, on March 4.
  • 在小白盒的一側,有一個五歲的小孩用蠟筆不合章法地寫的名字“埃里克”,字體歪歪斜斜。
    Written on the side of the box in crayon, with five-year-old hands, in letters that did not match and leaned to one side, was the name "Erick".
  • 埃里克-丹皮爾(33歲)總是受限於犯規的麻煩,但是如果他的上場時間被縮短,他還有點用處,那他就不會在比賽中慢慢消失了。
    Erick Dampier (33) was born with foul trouble, but if his minutes are therefore abbreviated , they are also meaningful. There should be no drop-off in his game.
  • 達拉斯小牛隊:諾維斯基會選擇跳出合同麼?小牛會放棄喬什-霍華德和丹皮爾的那沒有保證的合同麼,他們可能是聯盟最大牌的高薪低能球員。
    Should Dirk Nowitzki opt out and the Dallas Mavericks shed the non-guaranteed salaries of Josh Howard and Erick Dampier, they could be one of the biggest shoppers in the league.
  • 埃里克,你經常打籃球嗎?
    Erick, (do you ) often play basketball?
  • 上圖:在辦公室的後面,Erick做了一個簡單的平台,我們在工作的時候孩子們也想在來看看,就把它當做沙發,如果有客人,它就是床。
    Photo above: At the back of the office Erick built a simple platform that serves as a couch for the kids to hang out when we’re working or even a spare bed for houseguests.
  • 小牛半場就拿到了60分,他們的中鋒丹皮爾竟然拿下12個前場籃板。
    The Mavericks had the run of the court in a 60-point first half, and Dallas center Erick Dampier finished with a staggering 12 offensive rebounds.
  • 下賽季,由於丹皮爾、迪奧普和柔道男的存在,白熊很難分到上場機會。
    With DeSagana Diop, Erick Dampier and D. J. Mbenga at center, Podkolzin was going to see few minutes this season.
  • 由於埃里克-德萊昂將賺的大部分錢都用在了請教練和巡迴比賽時的交通、餐飲和住宿上面,他的家庭實在是需要更多的錢來維持生活。
    After Erick De Leon spent much of his earnings on coaching and traveling to tournaments, which includes transportation, meals and hotels, a little more money would not hurt the family.
  • 熱火的奧尼爾在總決賽的第二場得分和籃板數都低於艾里克·丹皮爾(小牛隊的中鋒)——這是他們25次對抗中的第一次。
    The Heat's Shaquille O'Neal was outscored and outrebounded in Game 2 by Erick Dampier——the first time that happened in 25 head-to-head meetings。
  • 這裡我們使用的是便宜的宜家複合地板,右側的沙發床和工作檯是Erick做的。
    We put in inexpensive Ikea laminate flooring and Erick built the back bed/sofa and my work-table to the right.
  • 埃里克將家族傳承下來的釀製香檳的知識於一些年份久的香檳相調配這樣讓他的香檳有着非常穩定的高質量和高品質。
    Erick also applies this family know-how to the blending of the old wines to balance his wines and get a steady quality.
  • 爭論還將繼續,但是俄勒岡州波特蘭VA醫學中心的艾里克•特納建議第三種選擇。
    The controversy will rage on, but Erick Turner, of the Portland VA Medical Centre in Oregon, suggests a third way.
  • 而埃里克則表示,他想向24小時發起挑戰, 沙龍娛樂。
    Now Erick says he wants to try a 24-hour session.