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n. 實在性;事實性
factuality - 真實性,事實性
factuality substantiality - 實在性
law factuality - 法律真實
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  • 並且論述了小說虛構性的不可實證性、 真實性和歷史流變性的特徵及小說虛構性的讀者接受。
    Moreover expound story fabrication should not substantial evidence Factuality and history run that denaturation feature and the story fabrication reader receives.
  • 例如西洋呂在講課時特彆強調西洋畫的造型真實度,隨後就將自己給妻子畫的一張 油畫 肖像掛在黑板上。
    "Western Lv", for instance , who emphasized the model factuality of western painting drew an oil portrait painting of his wife who was a western beauty.
  • 編輯並沒有對內容的真實性進行報怨,而且實際上,並不能證明所謂的作者曾經實際存在過。
    The Editor makes no claim to the factuality of the content, and in fact, cannot prove that the alleged author actually ever existed.
  • 內部會計控制屬於內部控制系統的子系統,對會計記錄的真實性、可靠性等有直接影響的控制。
    Internal accounting control system is a part of internal control system and also a directly influential control of the factuality and reliability of accounting record.
  • 事實性概念基於科學精神,意義概念基於人文精神。
    The concept of meaning is based on the spirit of science, while the concept of factuality is based on the spirit of humanity.
  • 而這個實在性也只對這個意識有效。
    And this factuality is only effective to this consciousness.
  • 企業精神:“求是、務實、進取、創優”的企業精神;
    Enterprise spirit: " Factuality, Working hard and concretely, Enterprising, Creating high quality".
  • 事實性不涉及甚至禁止意義;
    Factuality does not involve meaning, and it even forbids meaning.
  • 訴前證據保全制度是證據保全制度體系的一個有機組成部分,其要解決的核心問題就是證據的客觀真實性、合法性和準確性。
    The perpetuating testimony system before prosecution, which is a part of the perpetuating testimony system, aims at the factuality, legality, and accuracy of proof.
  • 旅遊寫作具有真實性、專一性、多樣性的特點,旅遊文體是旅遊內容與各種文體的結合。
    Writings concerning tourism are characterized by factuality, specificity and variety. The style of tourism writing is a combination of the content of tourism with various styles.
  • 影響研究是比較文學研究的主要方法之一,是一種重視事實材料和客觀分析的實證研究方法。
    Influence study is one of the major approaches employed by researchers of comparative literature, which is an empirical method stressing factuality and objective analysis.
  • 電視記者必須恪守真實理念,捕捉一切有用的信息,靈活採用包括隱性採訪手段在內的多樣方法以實現情境真實。
    TV news reporter must abide by the principle of factuality and adopt various means, including the means of concealed interview to realize scene factuality.
  • 客觀真實性使得教育知識取得了實在化的資格,但要真正地實在化,還需要求助於教育者,他們是教育知識實在化的實際承擔者。
    Objective factuality qualifies educational knowledge for realization. But true realization appeals to educators who undertake the realization of educational knowledge in practice.