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fare - 票價,車費,費用,車票
Fare evasion - 逃票
flat fare - 單一票制,單一票價
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  • 讓我和你平均負擔車費。
    Let me go halves with you in the taxi fare.
  • 我不知道,你下車時,我有個乘客。
    I don't know. look, when I dropped you off, there was a fare.
  • 昨天他變卦了,說提價只是試行。
    Yesterday he changed his tune, saying the fare increase was experimental.
  • 我會給你錢讓你買食物和坐出租車。
    I will give you money for cab fare and a good meal.
  • 海運業在9月份不可能有好轉。
    It is unlikely that the marine industry will fare any better in September
  • 她拒絕付車費後和出租車司機發生了爭吵。
    She had argued with a cab driver after refusing to pay her fare.
  • 自從休主廚以來,伙食大為改進。
    The fare has much improved since Hugh has taken charge of the kitchen.
  • 那麼,我們的客人怎麼樣了?
    So how did we fare?
  • 我和你小別片刻;
    And fare you awhile;
  • 從上一個無人站過來的費用可能還不到1鎊。
    The fare from the last unmanned station is probably less than a pound
  • 因此你還可以將機票和酒店的費用計入學費中!
    So you can even consider your air fare and hotel bill as part of your tuition!
  • 從那以後不論遠近車費一律是一角錢。
    There has been a uniform fare of ten cents for any distance ever since.
  • 很抱歉。這是我的疏忽。車費我會給你打折。
    I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'll give you a discount on the fare.
  • 這次別替我買票了。
    Don't pay my fare this time.
  • 機票199英鎊左右,大概是這個價錢。
    The air fare was about a hundred and ninety-nine pounds or something like that.
  • 我想要去找一個菜單為了這頓晚餐。
    I want to find a bill of fare for this dinner.
  • 這裡的伙食簡單但可口。
    The fare here is simple but good.
  • 雖然裝備並未改善,但後來的一些探險進行得更好。
    Some later expeditions fared better, though they were no better equipped.
  • 就請你粗茶淡飯湊合一頓。
    All we can offer you is humble fare.
  • 存的錢足夠付她的機票錢。
    There was enough put by for her fare
  • 縱然我必須將表押當做為火車旅費,我也要去那兒。
    I'll get there even if I have to pawn my watch to get the railway fare.
  • 我去不去廬山取決於旅費得花多少。
    Whether I go to Mount Lushan or not hinges on the cost of the fare.
  • 出租車司機停車讓一個乘客上車。
    The taxi driver stopped to pick up a fare.