fig leaf

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n. 遮羞布;無花果樹葉
fig leaf - 遮羞布,無花果樹葉,無花果葉
fig-leaf realism - 羞羞答答的實在論
fiddleleaf fig root leaf - 釋義琴葉榕
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無花果葉; 僅可蔽體之衣服
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  • 女孩找出一片巨大的無花果葉,他還是說:「還是不夠大,遮不住。」
    She brings out a huge fig leaf. He says, "Still not big enough."
  • 難道我們可以說姚明是國家男籃創造出的遮羞布嗎?
    Can we say that Yao Ming is the fig leaf created by the Chinese Men's Basketball Team?
  • 伯南克在兩方中間尋得一個折衷之處,支持減稅同時聲稱短期預算削減不宜太過激進.
    Bernanke offered a fig leaf to both sides, supporting lower taxes on the one hand while maintaining that short-term budget reductions should not be too radical.
  • 他說:「這個不夠大,遮不住。」
    a fig leaf. He says, "Not big enough."
  • 他們出發了,他在前邊走着,而蝸牛拉着樹葉上的青蛙在後面跟着。
    They set out. He walked ahead while the snails followed, pulling the fig leaf with the frog upon it.
  • 小王子來到水溝邊,青蛙正在一架四隻蝸牛拉着的車子上等着他,車子是用無花果的樹葉做成的。
    The youngest boy went to the ditch, where the frog awaited him in a carriage fashioned out of a fig leaf and drawn by four snails.
  • 首先,他們互相躲——用後來婦孺皆知的那兩條無花果葉做的裙子。
    First, they hid from one another—the notorious fig leaf cover-up.
  • 發盲人說資訊大戰只是一塊遮羞布,用以掩蓋歷史上最退步的稅收制度。
    The spokesperson said the nformation campaign was a fig leaf to hide the most regressive tax in history.
  • 「廣告。。。已將我們對真實的漠視公開化,甚至連塊遮羞布也沒有」——弗雷亞斯塔克
    「Advertisement… has brough our disregard for truth into the open without even a fig leaf to cover it.」 – Freya Stark
  • 可是地方上的政客們在促成此項挫敗也是劣績昭彰,甚至連意識形態的託詞都不用。
    But local politicians have made their own egregious contributions to the debacle without even the fig leaf of ideology.
  • 如果這些特價房賣得不錯,也許一些老盤降價的遮羞布口子會越撕越大。
    If these special room selling well, perhaps some of the old price set a fig leaf for the larger hole would be more tear.
  • 他們盜了我們幾百部影片,壓根就是一個盜版公司,只不過買了幾個片子當遮羞布。
    Their pilfer we hundreds of film, pressing a root is company of edition of a pilfer, just bought a few pieces when fig leaf .
  • 亞當咬了一口蘋果後,頓覺羞愧,便用無花果樹葉遮體。
    Adam bit the apple and, feeling great shame, coverd himself with a fig leaf.
  • 但是那片遮羞布被吹走了。
    But that fig leaf has since blown away.