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  • 如果遇到似乎符合上面我所描述的模式的數據毀壞問題,特別在使用 ext3 時,記住這可能是您膝上電腦硬盤的錯。
    If you experience data corruption problems that seem to fit the pattern of what I described above, particularly with ext3, then remember that it may be your laptop hard drive that's at fault.
  • 突然的逝去和其後廣泛的流行往往聯合起來導演一些全球性的悲慟:貓王埃爾維斯、戴安娜王妃、小約翰·肯尼迪離去,幾乎都是以一種怪誕的方式契合了這個定律。
    The combination of sudden death and pop-cultural universality has triggered global mourning in the past: Elvis, Diana, John Kennedy Jr. Jackson fit the pattern, almost eerily.
  • 如果非要探求問題的根源,我們只能說這和去年的教訓是一樣的,那就是豐田的快速增長是以犧牲嚴格的供應鏈監控為代價的。
    If the current problems fit any pattern, it might be the same as last year's lesson: Toyota's growth came at the expense of proper surveillance of its supply chain.
  • 其他的指標同樣適合截取模式。
    Other standard metrics also fit the interception pattern.
  • 實際上,所有回歸模型均符合同一個通用模式。
    In effect, regression models all fit the same general pattern.
  • 擁抱也同樣適用這種模式。
    Hugs also appear to fit the pattern.
  • 在這個示例中,因為希望對單一交易的狀態執行只讀查詢,顯然應該使用 GET 方法,使用的 URI 模式見 清單 4。
    In this case, because you want to perform a read-only lookup of the status of a single transaction, the GET method is an obvious fit using the URI pattern, as shown in Listing 4.
  • 那道物理題跟我已知的一類題型相同。
    That physics problem fit the pattern of a class of problems I already knew how to solve.
  • 關於一個遊戲以適合mvc模式,你如何組織代碼?
    How can you organize the code for a game to fit the MVC pattern?
  • 在該範式中,您可以將自己所有局部定義的元素都移動到全局定義中。
    In this pattern, you move all your locally defined elements into global definitions. Listing 10 shows the Russian doll style example in Listing 8 modified to fit the Salami slice pattern
  • 然後,可以添加需要的邏輯,並阻塞不符合上述模式的連接。
    You can then add your required logic and block any connection that does not fit the allowed pattern.
  • 在過去,實際是個人不得不適應模式。
    In the past, the practice was that the individual had to fit with the pattern.
  • 帕洛瑪天文台的一項超新星調查顯示,已經有四個星體與預期的類型不一致。
    A survey of supernovae run at the Palomar Observatory has now identified four objects that don't fit the expected pattern.
  • 這些屬性減少用戶感知性能,如果問題得到解決不符合的數據流流模式。
    These properties decrease user-perceived performance if the problem being addressed does not fit the pattern of a data flow stream.
  • 新的MOND的公式化表達可以不與相對論相矛盾,從而引起了人們對修正的牛頓動力學MOND的興趣,儘管它可能還不符合宇宙微波背景的斑點模式。
    A new formulation of MOND, consistent with relativity, has rekindled interest in the idea, although it may not fit the pattern of spots in the cosmic microwave background.
  • “我們調查發現人類的相關數據跟一般的哺乳動物的數據吻合,”羅說。
    "We found that the human data fit the general mammalian pattern, " says Low.
  • 結果表明,駕駛人對交通標誌信息的短時記憶衰減規律符合艾定浩斯遺忘曲線。
    One of the findings shows that the Hermann Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve is a good fit of the pattern that drivers' short memory of traffic sign information fades over time.