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Frankfort - 法蘭克福 (印第安納州),法蘭克福 (肯塔基州),法蘭克福
Frankfort School - 法蘭克福學派,法蘭克福學派
Frankfort Springs - 城市
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  • 我想預訂一張下星期一去法蘭克福的機票。
    Iw to make a reservation to Frankfort for next Monday.
  • 我們的研究表明, 80%的訪問者在一個中心,而90%的支出是在另一個購物中心, 我們已經找到200多個其他地點,主要是在商場。
    Mr. Frankfort: Our surveys tell us that 80% of visits of mall shoppers are in one mall, and 90% of spending is in one mall. We have identified 200-plus additional locations, primarily in malls.
  • 我想預訂一張下星期一去法蘭克福的機票。
    I want to make a reservation to frankfort for next monday.
  • 法蘭克福,肯塔基州——一位法官星期五規定,受人員雇用醜聞攻擊的州長遏尼•弗萊且受行政保護,不會在職時被指控。
    FRANKFORT , Kentucky-A judge ruled Friday that Gov. Ernie Fletcher, under fire for a hiring scandal, is protected by executive immunity and cannot be prosecuted while in office.
  • 我們的產品製造在低成品國家, 原料來自世界上最優秀的工廠和製革廠,我們節省難以置信的勞動力成本。
    Mr. Frankfort: We make our product in lower-cost countries. Even though the raw materials come from the finest mills and tanneries in the world, we save incredible amounts of money on labor.
  • 我要一張去法蘭克福的頭等單程票。
    I want a first class single to frankfort .
  • 此時,他們帶着車票和護照正朝波恩走,而他們的爸爸卻單獨一人去法蘭克福了。
    Right now they were going to Bonn with the tickets and passports, and their dad was going on his own to Frankfort .
  • Frankfort先生在採訪中談論他的策略。
    Mr. Frankfort discussed his strategy in an interview. Excerpts
  • 他的爸爸獨自一個去法蘭克福了。
    Their Dad was going on his own to Frankfort.
  • 聖戈班已在巴黎、倫敦、法蘭克福、蘇黎士、布魯塞爾、阿姆斯特丹等交易所上市。
    Saint-Gobain is listed on the stock markets in Paris, London, Frankfort , Zurich, Brussels, Amsterdam.
  • 這個愛情故事開始於法蘭克福(位於芝加哥南部村莊伊利諾斯)一間工作休息室里無意間聽到的對話。 。
    Thee love story began with a conversation overheard in a workplace break room in Frankfort, a village south of Chicago, Illinois.
  • 弗蘭克福特說,他正在構建一個“多渠道”的在華分銷戰略,其中還包括開設工廠折扣店和精品店中店。
    Frankfort said he's planning a 'multi-channel' distribution strategy in China, which also includes discount factory stores and in-store boutiques.
  • 法蘭克福的足球隊世界聞名。
    The football team in frankfort is very famous in the world.
  • 而他們的爸爸卻單獨一個人去法蘭克福了。
    And their Dad was going on his own to Frankfort .