gene activity

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gene activity - 基因活性,基因活度,基因活性的
PPO gene and activity - PPO基因與活性
gene expressive activity - 基因表達
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  • 其抗腫瘤作用主要表現在抗細胞增殖、誘導細胞凋亡、干預細胞信號轉導和增強抑癌基因活性及抑制癌基因表達等功效。
    Its anti tumor effect exhibits cell proliferation suppression, apoptosis induction, cell signal disturbing, tumor suppression gene activity enhancing and oncogene expression suppression etc.
  • 蛋白激酶Cα對人正常肝和肝癌細胞中Ha-ras基因表達的影響
    Effect of PKC α on Ha-ras Gene Promoter Activity in Human Normal Liver and Hepatoma Cell Lines
  • 在PHA誘導表達中,保留CRE和AP-1位點中的任何一個PHA均能激活報告基因的表達,但同時刪除這兩個元件時,PHA不能激活報告基因的表達。
    However, deletion mutant lacking both CRE and AP-1 site showed no inducible reporter gene activity after PHA treatment.
  • 在啟動子區域的DNA甲基化是抑制基因活性的一種重要機制。
    DNA methylation in the promoter regions is a powerful mechanism for the suppression of gene activity.
  • 輻射誘導犬膽管增殖平滑肌細胞凋亡中胱冬肽酶-3活性的影響
    Caspase-3 gene activity in radiation-induced dog biliary duct mucle cells apoptosis
  • 通過比較不同腦域的基因活性,研究組證實了相應於特定大腦區域的基因網絡的存在。
    By comparing gene activity in different areas of the brain, the team identified gene networks that correlated to specific brain regions.
  • 說明孕婦與新生兒的代謝比正常成年人旺盛,其rRNA基因活性也相應的高。
    It explans that the metabolism of the pregnant women and the infants is more vigorous than the normal adults and the rRNA gene activity of the former is also higher than the latter.
  • 其中一個研究了通過轉錄因子來增加番茄黃酮類化合物的數量的可能性。
    One approach was to investigate the possibility of increasing the amount of flavonoids in tomato by means of so-called transcription factors, proteins involved in regulating gene activity.
  • 了解基因活性的遺傳基礎將有助於醫學研究從而為個體提供有關他們自身對疾病易感性的信息。
    The understanding of the genetic basis of gene activity will help medical research to provide individuals with information about their personal predisposition to disease.
  • 其他的工作集中在組蛋白乙酰化,這種化學修飾可以使DNA從組蛋白纏繞中解離出來,產生基因活性。
    Other work has focused on histone acetylation, a chemical modification that unwinds DNA from protein spools called histones, thereby enabling gene activity.
  • 同時他們採用基因活性生物發光法記錄了基因的實時表達情況。
    They also recorded gene expression in real-time using a bioluminescent reporter of gene activity.
  • 他們發現一種有助於控制基因活性的組蛋白的改變。
    For example, they found that proteins called histones, which help control a gene's activity, were being altered.
  • 正常妊娠婦女rRNA基因活性的研究
    Study of rRNA Gene Activity in Normal Pregnant Women
  • 這項新的研究從整體上提出了一個因基因活性的不同而致結果各異的觀點。
    The new study gives a global view of the consequences of those differences for gene activity.
  • 其作用機理為抗氧化作用,抗細胞增殖,誘導細胞調亡,干預細胞轉導和增強抑癌基因表達,干預細胞周期等。
    The mechanism are antioxidation, cell proliferation suppression, apoptosis induction, cell signal transduction disturbing and tumor suppression gene activity enhancing, cell cycle disturbing etc.
  • 因為大腦的不同部分有着不同的功能,基因活動定位的變化可能有其功能性的意義。
    Because different parts of the brain have different functions, variations in the localization of gene activity likely have functional implications.
  • 基因活性轉變這些腦區域的發展和效能。
    Gene activity shapes the development and activity of these brain regions.
  • 這種變化將影響基因的活性,包括對疾病的易感性。
    The changes can affect gene activity, including susceptibility to diseases.
  • 研究人員還應用了單分子技術,該技術能靈敏檢測基因活性。
    The researchers also used a single-molecule technology that enabled them to generate sensitive readouts of gene activity.