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n. 生殖;幼獸
vi. 成為;變得;到達
vt. 使得;獲得;受到;變成
get - 得到,獲得,到達
get off - 下來,脫下,下車
get on - 上車,過活,騎上
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獲得; 收穫; 變成; 到達; 變得; 成為
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  • 她叔叔死後,她儘可能搜刮所能得到的一切東西。
    When her uncle died, she grabbed everything she could get her hands on.
  • 你參加任何活動,你投入多少力量就會得到多少收穫。
    When you take part in any performance, you get out as much as you put in.
  • 他教我如何把自己的觀點表達清楚。
    He taught me how to get my ideas across.
  • 我從誰那兒能得到安慰呢?
    From whom shall I get comfort?
  • 如果你想得到那份工作,你應該稍微打扮一下。
    If you want to get that job, you should posh yourself up a bit.
  • 只有肯努力,才能得到好的學習成績。
    Only you study hard can you get good results.
  • 明天上午我得到更多的信息以後給你回電話。
    I'll call you back tomorrow morning when I get more information.
  • 我們相處得不融洽。
    We do not get on well together.
  • 如果你試一試的話, 我相信你一定能適應。
    I am sure you can get with it if you try.
  • 她沒得到那份工作,因為她正巧不合標準。
    She did not get the job because she just did not measure up.
  • 我必須回去工作了,我一定要準備好我的下一個發言稿。
    I have to go and work, I must get out my next speech.
  • 他們能從這裡撈到什麼好處呢?
    What good can they get from this?
  • 他們倆處得很好。
    They get along quite well.
  • 你能替我買一件嗎?
    Will you get one for me?
  • 約翰盯住每一個機會,因為他想獲得成功。
    John watched every opportunity because he wanted to get on.
  • 他經過艱苦的努力,終於成功地取得了冠軍。
    He succeeded in his efforts to get the champion.
  • 你可以通過電話與我聯繫。
    You can get me by telephone.
  • 如果你能把這面旗子掛到旗杆頂部,你就可以拿這些獎品中的任何一件。
    You can get anything of these prizes,if you can string this flag up on the top of the flagpole.
  • 你試試看,能否得到他們的支持。
    Try and see whether you can get their support.
  • 如果你今天上午能很快幹完這項工作,你可以得到4美元。
    If you whip through the work this morning you can get 4 dollars.
  • 他拉關係、找門子以便找到一份報酬好的工作。
    He exploits the connection to get a well-paid job.
  • 你必須通過考試才能獲得那門課程的學分。
    You must pass the examination to get credit for the course.
  • 我們應買一些酒以備宴會用。
    We should get some wine in for the banquet.
  • 在你到達他家之前你必須考慮好如何回答他提出的問題。
    You have to reflect on how to answer his questions before you get to his house.
  • 我們需要我們所能得到的所有選票,才好使新的法律得以通過。
    We shall need all the votes we can get to push the new law through.