give away

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give away - 泄露,贈送,分發
Give away - 贈送
give something away - 泄露,贈送,主要有兩個意思
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分發, 洩露, 放棄
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  • 你付出,你必將會有收穫。
    What you give away, you get back.
  • 永遠不要放棄可以賣的東西。
    Never give away anything you can sell.
  • 他們偶爾也會有些項目需要交給別人做。
    They also have the occasional project to give away.
  • 為什麼你認為對人們來說,放棄控制權是很困難的事呢?
    Why do you think it is so hard for people to give away control?
  • 審慎一點,其實我們中的大多數寧可仔細研究該買什麼車,也不願意去想怎麼捐錢。
    Most of us are more careful about researching the cars we buy than about how we give away money.
  • 一小部分信息保留下來而沒有公布,主要是因為可能會危及到當地的線人,或者會泄露真正的軍事機密。
    A small amount of information has been withheld from publication because it might endanger local informants or give away genuine military secrets.
  • 你可以在下面的意見欄里讓我們知道你怎麼看待這個贈送還有你的打算。
    Let us know what you think of the give away and whether you plan on following in the comments below.
  • 防曬霜能保護你的皮膚不受這些破壞射線的影響,因此即使你在戶外待很久,你的臉也不太可能泄露你的年齡。
    Sunscreen can protect your skin from these damaging rays, so that even if you do spend time outdoors, your face is less likely to give away your age.
  • 不過,根據最近的一項研究,單單橫跨馬路的步姿就已經足夠泄露她的性能力。
    But according to a recent study, simply walking across the road could be enough to give away her sexual prowess.
  • 在禮物文化中,社會地位並不由你所控制的決定,而是由你所放棄的決定。
    In gift cultures, social status is determined not by what you control but by what you give away.
  • 他們之所以選擇這樣的方式,是因為這是放棄房間或與其他人安全交換房間的惟一途徑。
    They did this because it was the only way they could give away reservations or safely trade them with someone.
  • 我們付出的愛是我們唯一長久擁有的愛。
    The love we give away is the only love we keep.
  • 他們拚命地工作,然後花掉了大量辛苦賺來的錢。
    They work like mad, then give away much of what they earn.
  • 所以,在決定什麼東西你需要丟棄之前,先決定這些東西將何去何從——親戚,朋友,慈善機構或者拍賣會。
    So, before you even decide what you need to give away, decide where it will go; relatives, friends, charities, or to auction.
  • 給人們他們想要的東西,把價值送出去,他們會因此而欣賞你。
    Give people what they need, give away value, and they will appreciate you for it.
  • 在這個節骨眼上,他們會讓夏恩揮棒而放棄贏取比賽的機會麼?
    At this juncture, do they let Shay bat and give away their chance to win the game?
  • 所以如果您放棄一項產品,使其很容易獲得較大的市場份額,同時您讓每個人都公平地競爭,這應該易於開發出一個欣欣向榮的生態系統。
    So if you give away a product, making it easy to get large market share, and you let everyone play on a level playing field, it should be easy to develop a thriving ecosystem.
  • 為什麼不每天派送一台免費的閱讀器,把所有的用戶都吸引來呢? 這種宣傳一定會取得成功。
    Why not give away a free reader every day and bring all the people to the site that a promotion like that surely would?
  • 沒有人願意僅為了贏得一個合同而做出技術讓步。
    No one wanted to give away technology just to win a contract.