go the way

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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  • 他們的經歷告訴我們,當生活發生了意料不到的事情時,我們要如何面對現實。
    What they went through shows us the reality of what we have to face when life doesn』t go the way we plan.
  • 這一發現可能表明白鰭豚不會步入渡渡鳥的後塵(被滅絕)" ,巴拉戈納在一份聲明中說。
    "This sighting presents a last hope that the baiji may not go the way of the dodo bird, " Baragona said in a statement.
  • 一些出版商還認為,大型書店可能走唱片店的老路,在音樂市場轉向數字化的時期,唱片店一一倒閉。
    Some worry that large bookstores will go the way of the record stores that shut down when the music business went digital.
  • 「當我寫出來的東西並非我所想時,我常常會不開心,」她說道。
    「I』m often not happy when my writing does not go the way I want, 」 she said.
  • 26歲的馬克表示,電子郵件因速度慢、過於正式,而必將步信件的後塵走向滅亡。
    The 26-year-old said it would go the way of the letter because it was too slow and too formal.
  • 我們唯一能相信的就是書籍出版行業也將經歷與唱片行業類似的周期,而帶有數字版權管理技術的電子書也將重走之前MP3的老路。
    We can only assume that the book publishing industry will go through a similar cycle as the music industry, however, and that DRMed eBooks will also go the way of DRMed MP3s.
  • 也許,這是個有趣的現象,但並不意味着電子郵件即將走向消亡。
    That’s interesting, perhaps, but it doesn』t suggest that email is about to go the way of the buffalo.
  • 你瞧,我們之所以感到有壓力,感到氣憤、惱怒都源於事情沒有按我們喜歡的,期望的方式發展。
    See, the cause of our stress, anger and irritation is that things don』t go the way we like, the way we expect them to.
  • 希望如此。但是事情不會按我們所期望的方式發展啊。
    I hope so. But things do not go the way we expect.
  • 現在的問題是,選擇向個人投資者推銷UCITS類基金這一方式的對沖基金經理,是否能夠為他們的投資者獲得所承諾的投資業績和回報呢?
    The open question now is whether the hedge fund managers who opt to go the way of retail UCITS are able to deliver to their investors the performance and returns that they have promised.