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n. [地質] 鐵帽
gossan - 鐵帽,古薩,鐵帽型
iron gossan - 鐵帽
manganese gossan - 錳鐵帽
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  • 該金礦是丁家山銅硫礦體上部經長期表生作用,氧化、淋濾、遷移、富集而形成的鐵帽型金礦床。
    This is a gossan-type gold deposit formed at the upper part of the Dingjiashan Copper-Sulphur Deposit through long_term exogenic process, oxidation_leaching process, migration and enrichment.
  • 對鄂東南地區鐵帽的識別,取得了較好的應用效果。
    A better effect has been obtained by recognizing the gossan in the southeast of Hubei province.
  • 找礦標誌主要有熱水沉積岩、鐵帽、圍岩蝕變、地球物理異常、地球化學異常等。
    Exploration markers includes hot-water sedimentary rocks, gossan, wall-rock alteration, and geophysical and geochemical anomalies.
  • 斷裂構造、熱液蝕變、鐵帽、物化探異常為重要的找礦標誌。
    The faulted structure, hydrothermal alteration, gossan, geophysical-geochemical exploration anomalies are comprehensive ore-hunting indicators.
  • 應用礦床地質學、元素地球化學、數理統計等多種方法對長江中下游地區鐵帽型金礦床進行了評價。
    A comprehensive study on the evaluation of gossan type gold deposits in the Middle-Lower Yangtze area was made by using geological, geochemical and mathematical statistics methods.
  • 疊加構造帶控制着鐵帽群的分布;
    The distribution of the gossan group is controlled by the superimposed structural zone.
  • 後者系岩體與地層接觸,形成硫化物或鐵帽。
    The latter one formed as sulfides and gossan.
  • 金主要富集在鐵帽亞帶及次生硫化物帶。
    Gold is mainly enriched in gossan and supergene sulfide.
  • 應用煤基直接還原—磁選—氰化提金工藝處理某鐵帽型含金礦石,解決了礦石中鐵、金分離問題。
    The separation of iron and gold is solved to a gossan type gold ore through "direct reduction with coal-magnetic separation-cyanidation process".
  • 已知的“鐵帽型”金礦(床)點可作為進一步找尋紅土型金礦床的重要信息。
    The known gossan deposits or occurrence can serve an important guide for prospecting of lateritic gold …
  • 鐵帽的成因屬熱液型硫化物經風化淋積而成。
    The gossan is formed by weathering and leaching of hydrothermal sulfide.
  • 桃園鐵帽型金礦產於似層狀硫鐵礦體傾斜上端。
    Taoyuan gossan type gold deposit occurs at the upper end of the slant layered pyrite ore body.
  • 從分析陽新岩體北接觸帶外緣鐵帽產出特徵入手,劃分為褐鐵礦和赤鐵礦兩種鐵帽類型。
    Start with occurrence characteristics, the gossan in the outer margin of northern contact zone of the Yangxin rock mass can be divided into limonite and hematite type.