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adj. 戴頭盔的
v. 掌舵(helm的過去式)
helmed - 戴頭盔的
Helmed Horror - 恐怖鎧甲
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  • 在接下來的十年中,卡梅隆執導了一系列驚人之作,包括《異形》,《深淵》,《終結者2:末日審判》,還有《真實的謊言》。
    Over the next 10 years, Cameron helmed a series of daring films, including Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and True Lies.
  • 這並非麥當娜首次執導。
    This isn’t Madonna’s first directorial outing; she helmed a film called ‘Filth and Wisdom’ in 2008.
  • 隨後,他將會在科林斯特伊斯特伍德掌舵的另一部影片中擔綱主角,這是否為達蒙獲得提名加上了一層保險?
    Is it any wonder that Damon is such a safe Oscar pick when he'll be starring in yet another Clint Eastwood-helmed movie, Hereafter?
  • 在西北大學,梅森掌舵着一支搖滾樂隊,他把這支樂隊描述為朋克、甲殼蟲和凱特·史蒂文斯各占其一。
    At Northwestern Mason helmed a rock band that he describes as equal parts punk, the Beatles and Cat Stevens.
  • XX是一個新的恐怖選集與性彆扭曲- 所有部分將由女主任的指導,將明星女主角。
    XX is a new horror anthology with a gender twist - all segments will be helmed by female directors and will star female leads.
  • 用獅頭作裝飾的頭盔隱藏了他們的逮捕者的面部特徵。
    Helmed visors with a leonine head for a crest hid the features of their captors.
  • 作為與哈利波特的電影,約翰遜認為,每張圖片可以帶領由不同的電影製片人。
    As with the Harry Potter movies, Johnson believes each picture could be helmed by a different filmmaker.
  • 人們會覺得假如J.D.塞林格不堅持抵制自己的作品進電影院,導演蓋瑞·溫尼克會很樂意操刀將《麥田裡的守望者》拍成電影。
    One gets the sense that director Gary Winick would love to have helmed the movie version of The Catcher in the Rye if J.D. Salinger hadn’t banned it from ever reaching theaters.
  • 新興技術委員會負責,該委員會由10名來自IDC研究部門和管理層的資深人員組成,負責判斷ICT行業中的新技術和新趨勢。
    ETAS is helmed by the Emerging Technology Council, which consists of 10 senior IDC analysts and executives and is responsible for the identification of new technologies and trends in the ICT industry.
  • 上述評價出自卡羅爾•巴茨昔日執掌的一家公司的董事會成員之口。
    That comment came from a board director of a company helmed by Carol Bartz.