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n. 山坡,山腹;山腰
hillside - 山腰,山坡,半山腰
hillside plough - 坡地犁,雙向犁
hillside land - 坡地,塝田,山地
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山坡; 山腹
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  • 他用混凝土做了13座十字架,樹在每位隊員遺體被發現的山坡上。
    He had 13 crosses made of concrete and put them on the hillside where each body was found.
  • 那是一片陡峭的山坡,密密麻麻扎滿髒兮兮的竹屋,屋頂上鋪的是棕櫚葉子,可真夠窮的。
    It was a very poor quarter, a labyrinth of squalid bamboo huts, thatched with palmleaf, winding all over a steep hillside.
  • 它們大都散布在山坡上。 但也有一些比較更奇怪的,有點像沒有修剪好的綠色雕塑。
    Many of them dotted the hillside, some more strangely formed than others, sort of like mutated topiary on steroids.
  • 她承諾會應對山坡住宅區所面對的共同問題:滑坡。
    She pledged to address the common problem of landslides facing hillside communities in Brazil.
  • 牧羊人把他的羊群重新集合在一起,走下山坡。
    The shepherd re-collected his flock and went down the hillside.
  • 他高興地坐在山坡上,望着大海。
    He perched happily on a hillside and watched the sea.
  • 有些在山坡上沒受侵擾,墓前面一塊塊燒焦的地上散落着燒過的香。
    Some stood undisturbed on the hillside with burnt incense scattered before them on charred patches of ground.
  • 他們把彩蛋從山坡上滾下:誰的蛋最後破,誰就獲得勝利,全部彩蛋都歸他所有。
    Their eggs from rolling down the hillside: Who broke the last egg, will win, all property of all of his eggs.
  • 只有在身體和一大塊山坡被轉移到實驗室。 科學家們沒有實現的程度發現。
    Only after the body and a chunk of the hillside was moved to a lab did the scientists realize the extent of the discovery.
  • 很多人參,甚至比他父親能想到的多得多,滿山坡的明亮的黃葉子閃閃發光,足夠多的根足夠塞滿傑希的背包。
    There was more ginseng than his father could have dreamed of, a hillside spangled with bright yellow leaves, enough roots to bulge Jesse's knapsack.
  • 他們在山坡上掏了一個深洞。
    They dug a deep hole in the hillside.
  • 他們坐在長滿草的山坡上吃午飯。
    They sat and had their lunch on a grassy hillside.
  • 跑到一個山坡上,我停下來,稍稍喘息片刻,沿小路向一片雜樹林子走。
    Running onto the hillside I stopped to breathe for a while then went along a miscellaneous woods.
  • 我們在山谷中高呼, 回聲霎時間就從山腰上清晰地返回。
    We shouted in the valley, and in an instant the echo came from the hillside with great distinctness.
  • 幾棵青松挺立在山坡上。
    Several pine trees stand erect on the hillside.
  • 飛機在山坡上墜毀。
    The airplane crashed on a hillside.
  • 廠房羅列在山坡上。
    Factory buildings spread out over the hillside.
  • 每位到洛杉磯旅行的遊客,都會看到在山坡上,用大號的字母書寫的」好萊塢「幾個字。
    No trip to Los Angeles is complete without seeing the word "Hollywood" spelled out in huge letters on a hillside.