how lucky that

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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How lucky ,
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  • 我總是忘了告訴你,我是有多幸運才能遇見你。
    I always forget to tell you that how lucky I am to encounter you.
  • 並且提醒他們他們是多麼的幸運。
    I remind him that how lucky they are.
  • 每天我都戴着它,而且它總是讓我想起擁有那時刻是多麼幸運,那美好的回憶。
    And I wear it every single day, and it reminds me of how lucky I was to have that moment and that memory.
  • 我是如此幸運能有向您這樣的父親。
    How could I be so lucky that I have dad like you.
  • 占有這上帝賜賚你的禮物,你是如許的幸運。
    How lucky you are with the gift that God gives.
  • 老師大聲地說着像我這樣幸運的人居然如此不懂得感激,我不應該去想那些不合適的想法等等之類的話。
    In the background my teacher shouted how it was inexcusable that a lucky girl like me can be so ungrateful, how I should know my place and keep my thoughts out of places they do not belong.
  • 當我看見山區學童要步行兩小時上學,頓時感到要好好珍惜學習機會。
    When I saw the children walk for two hours to reach school, I realised how lucky I am and that I should cherish the opportunities that I have to study, " she added."
  • 而每一次當我看見那揮手時,我意識到我們實在太幸運了,能擁有曾度過的這些時光,能成為如此親密的家人。
    And every time I see that wave, I realize how lucky we've all been to have had the times we've had and to be the close family we've become.
  • 我們去了所有的時間和嘗試不同的風格和尺寸,它是驚人的,我們是多麼的幸運與野蠻隊在那個時候。
    We went there all the time and experimented with different styles and sizes and it was amazing how lucky we were with the vandal squad at that time.
  • 還有,牛郎中了樂透,真是幸運啊!從此,一家四口過著富裕的生活。但是,誰也沒想到……
    In addition, Cowherd won the lottery. How lucky he is! After that, the family lived richly. But accidents came up…
  • 那天很長的時間裡我一直在想,我們能活下來真是太幸運了。
    I spent a lot of that day thinking about how lucky we were just to be alive.
  • 我轉過頭,藏起我的微笑。 傑西卡和她的同學根本不知道他們有多幸運,因為她們沒有一個特別吸引我。
    how lucky they were that none of them particularly appealed to me.
  • 就像喬治所說的,一年過兩個聖誕節,真是幸運!
    Like George said, how lucky that I have 2 Christmas' in one year!
  • 我只要有一樣仲天騏沒有的東西,就會很滿足,那就是「你」。
    You don't know how much lucky I'm felling now that you've come back to me.
  • 它能使我們意識到我們是多麼幸運,感受到我們正在幫助我們的同伴。
    It makes us realize how lucky we are, and we feel good that we are helping our fellow human beings.
  • 我想要每個月都體檢——這次我足夠幸運,因為腫瘤發現的早。
    I want to have test every month - that’s how I was lucky enough to have them detect the tumour in my liver so soon」.
  • 那些想發明一套全新的規則,一個新的模式,不能相信他們自己的好運氣以及他們是如何的幸運,在該行業的人們沒有發現一個機會...
    People who want to invent a whole new set of rules, a new paradigm, can』t believe their good fortune and how lucky they are that the people in the industry aren』t noticing an opportunity...
  • 我是何等幸運啊,擁有一樣工具讓我的再會遲遲說不出口。
    How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.