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n. 鞭打;睫毛;鞭子;責罵;諷刺
vi. 鞭打;猛擊;急速甩動
vt. 鞭打;衝擊;擺動;扎捆;煽動;諷刺
n. (Lash)人名;(英)拉希
Lash - 用繩綁紮,鞭打,鞭子
Scott Lash - 科特·拉什
Great Lash - 俏密睫毛膏,俏密眉毛膏
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鞭打, 抽打; 猛烈打擊, 猛烈衝擊; 急速揮動; 抨擊; 猛擊; 猛烈打擊, 猛烈衝擊; 急速揮動; 抨擊; 用繩等捆紮; 將...紮牢
鞭子; 鞭打, 抽打; 鞭鞘; 急速的揮動
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  • 別靠近它擺動的尾巴。
    Don't go near that lashing tail.
  • 大雨傾盆。
    The rain was absolutely lashing down.
  • 她沉默片刻,尋思着抨擊他的話語。
    She went quiet for a moment while she summoned up the words to lash him
  • 本世紀最惡劣的冬季暴風雪橫掃北美東海岸。
    The worst winter storms of the century lashed the east coast of North America
  • 把杆子紮成一個穹頂小棚就成了遮蔽所。
    The shelter is built by lashing poles together to form a small dome
  • 他們試圖把魚叉刺進鰩魚體內,以防它猛擺那蜇人的尾巴報復。
    They tried to get the harpoon into the ray before the sting tail came lashing over to retaliate
  • 那輛大卡車撞到了牆。
    The lorry hit the wall with a lash.
  • 哇,哇,哇,當這一切發生的時候,你可能會大肆宣洩。
    When this happens you might lash out.
  • 帶有一個柄和有韌性的東西用來鞭打東西的裝置。
    An instrument with a handle and a flexible lash that is used for whipping.
  • 我們為那艘沒有系牢的救生艇懸着心。
    We were worried about the lifeboat which was not lashed down.
  • 我當它是一個睫毛染劑。
    I use it more like a lash tint.
  • 遇有危險,食蟻獸會迅速用尾巴捲住樹枝。
    When in danger, the anteater lashes its tail round a branch
  • 驀地,大雨猛烈地抽打在窗戶上。
    Suddenly rain lashed against the windows
  • 他們害怕的不是我的鞭子。
    It's not the lash they fear.
  • 現在我得準備好套索和繩子,把它綁在船邊,他想。
    Now I must prepare the nooses and the rope to lash him alongside, he thought.
  • 別忘了把第四幕的舞台布景綁紮好。
    Don't forget to lash the scenery up ready for the fourth act.
  • 你能幫我把這根睫毛從眼睛裡弄出來嗎?
    Could you help me get this lash out of my eys?
  • 喬安娜眯着眼睛打量他。
    Joanna studied him through her lashes.
  • 辛迪把她的快艇系在旁邊。
    Cindy lashed her motorboat alongside
  • 我給我的馬一皮鞭,聲音響徹森林。
    I gave my horse a lash that sounded through the forest.
  • 繩索短了一截,缺乏了他割下用來綁魚的那一段。
    The rope was short as it lacked what he had cut away to lash the fish.
  • 他們抓起鞭子,朝跌倒的人背上抽去。
    They snatched up whips and lashed the backs of those who had fallen.
  • 我可以把我的刀子綁在一隻槳把上。
    I can lash my knife to the butt of one of the oars.
  • 他們害怕的不是我的鞭子、而是我神聖的力量。
    It's not the lash they fear it is my divine power.
  • 那打得倒了冷淡的羅馬帝國的手和鞭子?
    The hand and lash that beat down frigid Rome?
  • 他們必須採取行動了他們的一些理想和抨擊社會的不公。
    They must act out some of their ideals and lash out at the wrongs of society.
  • 把錨繫到欄杆上拴牢。
    Secure the anchor by lashing it to the rail
  • 這對互聯網業界是極大的鼓舞和鞭策。
    This is huge to Internet industry invigorate and lash.