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lawn-mower - 割草機,地毯剪毛機
Lawn-Mower cutters - 草刀
Lawn-Mower-Man - 呢稱
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  • 一天,大衛正在教他7歲的兒子凱利如何使用割草機割草。
    One day he was teaching his seven-year-old son Kelly how to push the lawn mower around the yard.
  • 事實上,我在木架子上的勇敢讓他產生了新的想法,(他)像一個小孩般在草地上爬,也盪了最高的鞦韆。
    In fact, my bravery on the wooden plank gave him new ideas, like a child-sized lawn mower, and the tallest swing set ever.
  • 痴把除草機放在花園的小路上,黑暗中我被絆了一跤。
    Some fool had left the lawn- mower on the garden path, and in the dark I fell over it.
  • 「如果這塊草坪大到你無法用一台小型手推式割草機進行修剪的話,那麼我就認為這草坪是一個惡魔」,奧多說道,「一個真正的惡魔。」
    「If they』re so large that you cannot use just a little hand-push lawn mower, then I truly think they are evil, 」 Otto once said of lawns. 「Really evil.」
  • 那架有毛病的割草機把草地弄壞了。
    The faulty lawn-mower chewed the grass up.
  • 沒有必要更換這台割草機:儘管它已比較舊了,但仍然很好使。
    There's no need to replace this lawn-mower: it's still going strong even thought it's quite old.
  • 弗農姨父沒說話,繼續踱來踱去。外面,太陽低低地懸在女貞樹籬上。隔壁鄰居家的割草機又熄火了。
    Uncle Vernon said nothing, but continued to pace up and down. Outside the sun hung low over the privet hedges. The next-door neighbor's lawn mower stalled again.
  • 「謊言!」哈利吼道,窗外,他看見停下來發動割草機的隔壁鄰居不安地抬頭張望。
    "Lies! " Harry bellowed, and through the window he saw the next-door neighbor, who had paused to restart his lawn mower, look up nervously.
  • 我買了一台老的割草機非常便宜。
    I got an old lawn-mower as cheap as dirt .
  • 把這個壞了的割草機拿出去。
    Get this broken-down lawn mower out of here!
  • 既然我用燃料電池驅動的草坪割草器沒有任何排放物,那為什麼不把燃料電池作為我小轎車的動力呢?
    If there's zero emissions coming out of my fuel-cell lawn mower, why shouldn't I use a fuel cell to power my car?'" Marsh said."
  • 還有一次她告訴我父親她非常喜歡他送的生日禮物-割草機。
    Or the time she told Dad that she loved the lawn-mower he gave her for her birthday.
  • 你不在的時候我冒昧用了你的割草機。
    I took the liberty of borrowing your lawn-mower while you were away.
  • 他」趴街」的地方還包括了魔術隊主場安利中心、快餐店和割草機。
    He also posted pictures of himself planking at the Amway Center, a fast-food restaurant and on top of a lawn mower.
  • 板簧適用範圍廣泛,可應用於傳統的烤箱按鈕等基本應用,也適用於拉啟式割草機的恆力系統。
    Flat springs are used in a variety of applications, as above in the traditional "oven button" type of application as well as in the constant force mechanism of a pull-start lawn mower.
  • 我曾答應總有一天要去修理的那台割草機正埋沒在深草叢中,逐漸鏽蝕。
    Buried somewhere in deep grass there is a rusting lawn-mower which I have promised to repair one day.