learn from problems

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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  • 然而,我們如果師從真人教師,那就不會面對此類問題,因為他們可以馬上幫我們解脫出來。
    However, we don』t have to face such problems if we learn from human teachers as they can help us out all at once.
  • 房地產開發企業如果能夠借鑑同行的經驗,及時找出自身成本控制中存在的問題並採取切實可行的對策,必將成為其在競爭中取得優勢的重要法寶。
    If the real estate enterprises can learn from peer experience and find their own problems and take feasible measures timely, it will become its key competitive advantage.
  • 在語言方面,我們都會遇到些問題,我們彼此之間可以相互學習,相互取長補短,我也會幫助你學習中文。
    In language, we will encounter some problems, we can learn from each other, mutually reinforcing, I will help you learn Chinese.
  • 堅韌性的人有決心從挫折和困難中吸取有用經驗教訓。
    Resilient people are determined to learn useful lessons from setbacks and problems.
  • 從研究設計師成功解決問題、> 創造革新的方法中,商業人士能學到什麼呢?
    What can people in business learn from studying the ways successful designers solve problems and innovate?
  • 其實,有很多方法可以讓你提升自己的能力,解決這個問題----向專家學習。
    There are many ways to improve yourself or solve the problems---learn how from experts.
  • 第二,我們可以從中學到一些有助於解決我們生活中問題的知識。
    Second we can learn something useful from movies to solve the problems in our lives.
  • 本文將在出現兼容性問題的地方提醒您,以便您獲得更多的實踐經驗。
    The article alerts you to compatibility problems so you can learn from the experience.
  • 我們從問題中學習嗎?還是一再地關注同樣的問題?
    Do we learn from problems or are we continually fixing the same problems over and over again?
  • 一次性遷移一個應用程序可能比較緩慢,但可以從出現的問題總結經驗教訓。
    Migrating one application at a time may be slow, but you can learn from problems that arise.
  • 介紹國外現代農業模式以及出現的相關問題,可以為我國農業發展起到重要的借鑑作用。
    It can be used as reference to learn from the modes and problems of modern agriculture abroad.
  • 是否感到對自己專業上的很多科目都不擅長?其實,有很多方法可以讓你提升自己的能力,解決這個問題----向專家學習。
    Feel that you are weak in many subjects in your major? There are many ways to improve yourself or solve the problems---learn how from experts.
  • 當然, 對待當前出現的問題,要接受過去的教訓,不能搞運動。
    Of course, in solving current problems, we should learn from past experience and refrain from launching a movement.
  • 有些人從他們自己引起的問題中汲取教訓,並且變得更為強大。
    Some learn from the problems they have caused themselves, and come back stronger.
  • 友好城市關係有助於社區之間互相學習和協力解決問題。
    Sister-city relationships can help communities learn from each other and solve problems together.
  • 目前,我國房地產市場存在很多問題,可以借鑑別國經驗,結合本國實際,建立統一規範的物業稅。
    Currently, China's real estate market has many problems and we can learn experience from other countries and focus on the reality of China and levy uniformed real estate tax.