lets go by

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  • 導演徐克使這部影片不僅具有絢麗的色彩和連續的動作,也同樣具有一個十分吸引觀眾的情感中心。
    It is directed by Tsui Hark in a swirl of colors and non stop motion, but it also has an emotional center that draws you in like a vortex and never lets you go.
  • 時不時地下線,並安裝一些脫機軟件,這樣能讓你專注於手邊任務。
    And go offline from time to time by installing Internet-blocking software that lets you concentrate on the task at hand.
  • 然而,在其他情況下,代碼中違反規則的表現可以是一個紅色的標記,即使編譯器讓其通過,在運行時也會嚴重地出錯。
    However, in other cases the presence of a rule violation in ones code can be a red flag that something can go seriously awry at runtime, even if the compiler lets it slip by.
  • 雖然過往的行人和車輛並不多,但該男子此舉還是讓途經此地的司機頗為頭疼。
    Pedestrain and rolling stock that the non obstante comes and goes combine not much, but said man's this undertaking still lets to go by way of this place engine driver very have a headache.
  • 咱們抓鬮來決定誰先去吧!
    Lets decide who should go first by drawing straws.