literary criticism

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n. 文學批評,文學評論
literary criticism - 文學批評,文藝評論,文學評論
literary translation criticism - 文學翻譯批評
literary theory criticism - 文學理論批評
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  • 德里達的解構理論被認為是西方當代最重要的哲學和文學批評理論。
    Deconstruction is regarded as one of the most important theories in contemporary western philosophy and literary criticism.
  • 我喜歡讀由當代作家寫的文學評論文集。
    I like reading the textbook of literary criticism by contemporary authors.
  • 然而,幾乎任何學術追求,也都是如此:在這個方面,哲學與物理學、文學批評、計算機編程、地質學、數學或者歷史並無不同之處。
    However, the same is true of almost any intellectual pursuit: philosophy is no different in this respect from physics, literary criticism, computer programming, geology, mathematics, or history.
  • 在這個過程中,文學批評處在文學消費的一極,是一種特殊性質的文學消費活動。
    During this process, literary criticism, which plays the role of consumption is a special action expended in reading.
  • 基於倫理學與文學的緊密關聯,倫理學批評在文學批評史中一直是不可或缺的基本方法。
    Due to the close relationship between ethics and literature, ethical approach has always been essential in the history of literary criticism.
  • 它把歷史與文學的關係重新推向了文學批評的前台。
    It pushes the relationship of history and literature to the front of literary criticism.
  • 它們一直深刻影響着20世紀漢語文學批評的基本走向,是20世紀留給漢語文學批評的獨特遺產。
    They are the special heritage of Chinese literary criticism in the 20th century and have deeply influenced upon the development of Chinese literary criticism.
  • 翻譯批評和文學批評一樣,如今正在呼籲建立新的不同層次的評判標準,以便推進其健康地發展。
    Like literary criticism, translation criticism of literary works nowadays calls for new norms at different levels for the sake of its wholesome development.
  • 性別研究為文學批評的發展提供了新的契機。
    Gender study offers new opportunity for development of literary criticism.
  • 語料庫語言學作為一門新興的學科,可以應用於文學批評領域來分析文學文本。
    As a new and rising discipline, Corpus Linguistics can be applied in the field of literary criticism to analyze literary text.
  • 1831年,坡寫出了自己的第三首詩,《詩集》,但此作品並未為他帶來財富或聲名,所以他轉向創作科幻和文學批評。
    In 1831, Poe wrote his third volume of poetry called, Poems. This volume did not bring him any money or recognition, so he turned to writing fiction and literary criticism.
  • 無論從理論框架還是從批評實踐上來看,都具有一種文學創作與文學批評的普遍性意義。
    Viewed either from its theoretic frame or criticism practice, the work is of a universal significance to both literary creation and literary criticism.
  • 《周易》是一部占卜之書,但其中所體現的文學批評思想則是相當豐富的。
    The Zhouyi is the book of augury, but the thought of literary criticism is very rich in it.
  • 意象分析是一種有效的文學批評方法。
    Imagery analysis is an effective method of literary criticism.
  • 他在那裡開始書寫散文及文學評論。
    There, he began to write essays and literary criticism.