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n. 內行,專家
Mavens - 內行,企業
market mavens - 市場專家
Max Mavens Res - - 流程教學
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  • 禮節上在現在當一個人參加一個大聚會時不需要和每個人碰杯。
    Etiquette mavens say one need not clink glasses with everyone present when participating in toasts among large assemblies.
  • 希望看到這一未來汽車和周圍的場景更多,因為麥克總是在混合,並渴望促進汽車內行運動!
    Expect to see more of this car in the future and around the scene, as Mike is always in the mix and eager to contribute to the Motor Mavens movement!
  • 這個階段, 你也要開始引誘專業和業內人士。
    At this stage, you should also start seducing mavens and insiders.
  • 如果行家們沒有正確的利用推特,他們就會是最為被弱化的一群。
    Mavens are the ones who are most disadvantaged by Twitter if they don』t leverage it in the right way.
  • 一個很切題的例子許多供應鏈專家都知道。
    They point to an example that is well known to supply-chain mavens.
  • 樹立個人品牌的活動在數字精英中較為普遍——博客、社交媒體。
    Personal branding is most common amongst the digital elite - the bloggers, social media mavens, tech execs (ok, I plead guilty).
  • 2002年時裝潮流的主打色將會是粉色和黃色,主要是毛茛和奶油的柔黃色系列,但也有時尚專家認為2002年的流行色將會是白色。
    Prominent shades include coral pink and yellow, mainly in mellow tones of buttercup and cream. But trend mavens agree the big color story of 2002 is white.
  • 長期以來金融專家能夠獲取有關信貸市場和次級抵押市場的大量數據。
    Financial mavens have long had access to comprehensive data on credit markets and subprime mortgages.
  • 數據分析師,市場專家還有銷售人員需要一個想Office一樣的昂貴的工具,但其他的雇員卻用不着。
    The spreadsheet jockeys, marketing mavens, and sales gurus will still need a rich tool like Office, but most other employees won't.
  • 他描述了幾種類型:喜歡搜集信息以幫助別人做決定的專家內行和態度和藹的推銷員。
    He described other influential types: Mavens , who love to collect information and help others make decisions, and suave Salesmen of ideas.
  • 2010年,誰是溝通天才和通訊專家將會變得非常明顯,其他人將尋找新的就業機會。
    It will become very obvious in 2010 who the truly talented communicators and messaging mavens are. The rest will be finding new jobs.
  • 終於, 我們在上線前的2周, 邀請了少數的朋友,同事 和業內專家,來進行發布前beta測試一下 Blinksale 產品。
    Finally, about two weeks before we launched, we invited a handful offriends, colleagues, and industry mavens to help us beta testBlinksale.
  • 許多健康專家信誓旦旦稱麥草是一種神奇的食物。
    Many health mavens swear by wheatgrass as a super food.
  • 當行家們已經採取辦法來管理和解決的時候,一般的用戶發現他們在曲線的最低端,需要12步社區驗證程序。
    While many mavens have adopted ways to manage and cope, average users may find themselves at the beginning of the curve in need of a 12-step social identity program.
  • 旅遊企業正尋找社會媒體專家和博客主為他們做宣傳。
    Travel businesses are seeking out social-media mavens and bloggers to sing their praises.