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n. 米格飛機;米格式戰鬥機
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  • 可以把所有這些 UDF 放在一個模式中,比如 MIG 模式,通過設置 SQL 函數路徑讓數據庫在執行 UDF 調用時首先搜索這個模式。
    All these UDFs can be placed into a single schema like a MIG schema, and the SQL function path can be set in such a way that this migration schema is searched first for UDF calls.
  • 獲得熔滴過渡的信號是MIG焊熔滴過渡控制的關鍵,這已成為目前亟需解決的問題。
    To obtain effective signals of droplet, which has become a pressing problem, is essential for droplet transfer control in MIG welding.
  • 採用微機控制的弧焊逆變電源控制靈活、精度高、系統響應高的特點,能夠極大提高脈衝MIG焊的控制水平。
    Microcomputer controlled arc welding inverter power source can raises greatly controlled level of pulse MIG welding for its flexible control, high accuracy, high system response.
  • 通過對脈衝MIG焊的具體分析,對BUCK變換器中的相關控制方法在弧焊逆變器中應用的可行性和存在的困難進行了討論。
    By the detail analysis of pulse MIG welding, the possibility and the question in the relative control method of BUCK inverter to be used in arc welding inverter are discussed.
  • 隨着鋁合金在交通運輸、航空航天等行業的廣泛應用,鋁合金機器人MIG焊技術在這些領域的應用日趨普遍。
    With the wide application of aluminum alloy to transportation and aircraft, it has become more and more popular for the use of robotic pulsed-MIG welding for aluminum alloy.
  • 研究了自行開發設計的微機控制的脈衝MIG/MAG焊電源控制系統和PID控制算法選擇及系統控制軟件的優化策略。
    The PID control algorithm the optimization strategy of system control software are used to develop a control system of IGBT inverter power source for microcomputer-controlled pulse MIG/MAG welding.
  • 用途:用作電焊條生產之焊條芯線,埋弧焊絲(SAW)、氬弧焊絲(TIG)、電弧焊絲(MIG)之半成品線。
    Application:with steady chemical compositions, it can be used in welding and manufacturing semi-finished of SAW, TIG, MIG wire, etc.
  • 獲得了計算四層及七層MIG槳攪拌槽內壁傳熱膜係數的准數關聯式,它們可作為工程設計的依據。
    Nondimensional correlations of heat transfer film coefficients at the inside of an agitated vessel with seven-stage and four-stage MIG impellers were obtained respetively for designing purposes.