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adj. 航行的,航運的
navigational - 航海的,引導的,航行的
Navigational instruments - 導航儀器,航海儀器,導航儀器
Navigational Technology - 航海技術專業,航海技術,航海科技
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航行的; 航海的
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  • 使用本文演示的代碼,您將可以通過合成的鍵盤和鼠標事件將這種新一代導航系統應用到任何應用程序。
    With the code demonstrated here, you can apply this next level of navigational system to any application through the use of synthetic keyboard and mouse events.
  • 突然,在您的航行中出現的變更需要您使用更先進的航海技術,比您旅行所需的要求要高得多。
    Suddenly, a change in the general terrain requires you to use far more advanced navigational skills than your trip has thus far demanded.
  • 自適應導航可通過使用一組規則實現,每個規則對應於用戶界面內的一個或多個導航元素。
    Adaptive navigation can be implemented using a set of rules, with each rule corresponding to one or more navigational elements in the user interface.
  • 還包括複雜的導航操作,例如聚合、聯接和嵌套。
    ; also include complex navigational operations like aggregation, joins, and nesting.
  • 網絡中的肉之謎導航描述了那種用戶要想發現導航鏈接的目的點或者確定鏈接在哪裡極其困難的設計。
    In Web mystery-meat navigation describes designs in which it is extremely difficult for users to recognize the destinations of navigational hyperlinks —or determine where the hyperlinks are.
  • 通過提出最相關的鏈接以便從當前位置訪問,這類指南還可用來協助用戶做出下一步的導航步驟。
    Such guidance can also assist the user in making one navigational step by suggesting the most relevant links to follow from the current position.
  • 人們對海龜如何探測磁場還不理解,對於它們怎樣從磁場獲得導航圖也不能做出正確解釋。
    It is not yet understood how turtles detect magnetism, nor exactly how they derive a navigational map from it.
  • 這樣做可以節省磁盤空間,還可以改進使用導航表達式的查詢的性能。
    Doing so helps conserve disk space and also improves the performance of queries that use navigational expressions.
  • BPC 總線上的消息是所謂的導航消息,其中包含有關對應流程的狀態和處理信息。
    Messages on the BPC Bus are so called navigational messages, which hold status and processing information about the corresponding processes.
  • 表示層模型將會基於應用程序內的當前活動頁面觸發一個規則或一組規則,並將基於這些規則針對此用戶相應調整該頁面的導航鏈接。
    The presentation module would trigger a rule or a set of rules based on the current active page in the application and adapt the navigational links of that page to the user based on such rules.
  • 為了完成任務,目標不同的用戶可能會需要不同的導航支持。
    Users with diverse goals would require different navigational support to accomplish their tasks.
  • 例如,如果每個活動參與自己的事務,則從一個活動到另一個活動的轉換可能導致產生導航消息。
    For example, the transition from one activity to another may lead to a navigational message, if each activity participates in its own transaction.
  • 一個節點只是在它擁有子代,而且其導航狀態被設置成展開時,該節點才可以展開。
    A node can only be expanded if it has children and its navigational state is set to expanded.
  • 屏幕上的每一個元素並沒有直接或明顯的結構性特徵,都有可能被誤解為導航控制。
    Every element on the screen that has no direct semantic or obvious structural character can be misunderstood as a navigational control.
  • 特別地,要將導航狀態和會話狀態設計為彼此正交,因為可能會在不同的導致狀態形成的組合中訪問相同的會話。
    In particular, design the navigational state and session state to be orthogonal to each other, because it is possible to access the same session in combination with different navigational states.
  • 鴿子可以飛翔數千英里來尋找同一個棲息地而沒有任何航行困難。
    Pigeons can fly thousands of miles to find the same roosting spot with no navigational difficulties.
  • 那部分——很大一部分——要歸結於地面上和飛船里的人們的超凡技術和沿途設計的航行方案的即興發揮。
    Part of that — a great deal of that — was due to the extraordinary technological and navigational improvisations the people on the ground and in the spacecraft dreamed up along the way.
  • 這些頁面代表的特性是,用戶需要與之交互,但是如果不糾正導航設置,這些特性就可能無法(或者容易地)訪問到。
    These pages represent features your users need to interact with but won't necessarily (or easily) be able to access if you don't correct your navigational setup.
  • 加加林108分鐘的航行真的是一次探險,他沒辦法控制飛船的航行,船上也只有他一個人。
    Gagarin's 108-minute adventure was all the more harrowing, given that he had no navigational control over his spacecraft — he was literally along for the ride.
  • 這個標籤為提供導航特性的標籤提供了內容。
    This tag provides the context for tags that provide navigational features.
  • 最後,許多存儲庫完全不具有導航結構,只能通過搜索進行訪問。
    Finally, many repositories will have no navigational organization at all and will be accessed exclusively with search.
  • 它允許程序員方便地查詢和修改導航狀態信息。
    It enables the programmer to easily query and modify navigational state information.
  • 試試不同的導航模式,不同的按鈕文本和頁與頁之間的銜接方式。
    Experiment with various navigational schemes, the text you put on buttons, and how screens connect.
  • 特別地,由於可能在不同導航的組合中訪問同一個會話,因此應將導航狀態和會話狀態設計為彼此正交。
    In particular, navigational state and session state should be designed to be orthogonal, since it is possible to access the same session in combination with different navigational states.