new age music

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  • 聽聽柔和的、撫慰心靈的音樂,比如古典樂或者新世紀音樂。
    Listen to soft, healing music, such as classical or new age.
  • 喜歡橋牌、國際象棋、民謠吉它、鋼琴、葫蘆絲、篆刻、茶藝。古典、世界、新紀音樂,閱讀,玩遊戲。
    My hobbies are bridge, chess, ballad guitar, piano, bottle gourd, seal cutting, tea savoring. classical music, world music, new age music, reading, games.
  • 傑拉傑馬寇就是新世紀音樂作曲家的代名詞。
    Gerald Jay Markoe is THE composer of New Age music.
  • 英格瑪(ENIGMA )音樂的迅速流行為廣大聽眾提供了許多感興趣的,多樣化的, 類似於新世紀音樂的種族音樂風格。
    The phenomenal popularity of the project ENIGMA opens to a wide audience a lot of other no less interesting music in the ethnic, close to new age, style. Music style?
  • 由“2002”所創造的音樂是安靜平和的,儘管有些病態的反對新世紀音樂的觀眾會搶奪聲音控制權。
    The music by 2002 is harmless and quiet, though viewers pathologically averse to New Age will scramble for the audio control.
  • 知識經濟時代已經來臨,音樂教育在人才培養、促進經濟和社會協調發展等方面將面臨新的機遇與挑戰。
    The knowledge-driven economy age has come and music education will face new opportunity and challenge in training talents, promoting the economic moderate development with society coordinately etc.
  • 但爵士時代發端後,其中心開始逐漸從南方和芝加哥轉移到了紐約。
    But as the Jazz age boomed, the focus of the blossoming music began to shift from the South and Chicago to New York.
  • 看看這堆亂七八糟,1000多張CD,得找些時間來整理歸類一下,理論上來說,他們可以分為流行,搖滾,經典,嘻哈和新世紀音樂。
    Look at the mess, more than 1000 CDs, I'll find time to place them into different categories, they belong to pop, rock, classical, hip-hop and new age music respectively in theory.
  • 在iPod時代,找到新穎有趣的音樂越來越難。
    In the age of the iPod, it's harder and harder to get exposed to new, interesting music.
  • 擁有最暢銷的流行音樂和新世紀鋼琴家吉姆布里克曼了國家?吉姆的新專輯“家”,顯示了他很少聽到鄉村音樂技能。
    Has best-selling pop and New Age pianist Jim Brickman gone country? Jim's new album "Home" reveals his seldom heard country music skills.
  • 在巴羅克時期,人們重新對器樂產生了興趣。
    The baroque age brought a new interest in instrumental music.
  • 他從1987年開始創作屬於自己的獨特音樂,從古典到新世紀、世界音樂,都融入他獨一無二的風格中。
    Since 1987 he has created his own mixture of music, melting all the different influences from Classical to New Age and World Music into his own unique style.
  • 它囊括了古典的傳統民謠與現代的凱爾特音樂,其中現代凱爾特音樂又包含了新世紀音樂的元素。
    It is a term that covers both classic, traditional folk and contemporary Celtic music, which often combines the instrumentation of the genre with ambient New Age production and spirituality.
  • 還有一種觀念是“凱爾特”意味著凱爾特神秘主義和對新音樂的特殊影響,而這種新音樂和傳統音樂幾乎沒有聯繫。
    There is also the notion that 'celtic' implies celtic mysticism and a particular influence in new-age music which has little to do with traditional music.
  • 樂團成員跨越年齡、國籍和職業,將共同致力打造音樂藝術事業的新高度。
    The members of the Orchestra transcend age, nationality and profession, devoting themselves together to help music reach new heights.
  • 聽聽柔和的、撫慰心靈的音樂,比如古典樂或者新世紀音樂。安撫效果特別好。
    Listen to soft, healing music, such as classical or new age. The healing effect is powerful.
  • 新時期以來舞劇音樂創作真正進入了黃金時代。
    With the advent of the new era, the creation of dance drama music truly entered a golden age.
  • 英格瑪(ENIGMA )音樂的迅速流行為廣大聽眾提供了許多感興趣的,多樣化的,類似於新世紀音樂的種族音樂風格。
    The phenomenal popularity of the project ENIGMA opened for a wide audience a lot of other no less interesting music in terms of ethnicity, close to new age, style.
  • 從評估數據我們可以明顯看出,多數的音樂消費者並沒有充分利用我們所處的新媒體時代的優勢。
    By assessing the data, it leads one to believe that the majority of music consumers are not taking full advantage of this new media age we live in.
  • 現在她已經成為一位出色的“新世紀音樂”作曲家。
    She became a popular composer in the modern times, so-called 'New Age Music'.