not all

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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not all - 不是所有,並非所有的,不都
Not it all - 它不是所有,沒有這一切,沒有它所有
Not at all satisfied - 不滿意,根本不滿意,不大滿意
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  • 不是所有的婦女都能選擇是否用母乳哺育自己的孩子。
    Not all women have the choice whether or not to breast-feed their babies
  • 喬的行動怪異言語狂放,所以我們認為他不太對勁。
    Joe acted queerly and talked wildly, so we thought he was not all there.
  • 並非所有醫生都善於幫助病人作出正確選擇。
    Not all doctors are skilled in helping their patients make choices.
  • 移民來美,並不是個個都為了崇高的目標。
    Not all those who emigrated to America did so for exalted reasons.
  • 並非所有的醫生都真正了解生殖周期。
    Not all doctors truly understand the reproductive cycle
  • 種植園裡的工作並非全是些男性化的工作。
    Not all plantation work has been masculinized.
  • 倒一些糖漿進去,但別全倒,因為可能會溢出來。
    Pour in some of the syrup, but not all of it, as it will probably overflow
  • 他和首相的關係並不總是那麼愉快融洽。
    It has not all been sweetness and light between him and the Prime Minister.
  • 但是,並不是所有的藥物可以做。
    But that is not all the drug can do.
  • 他是個二百五。
    He's a rather stupid person.; He's not all there.
  • 並非所有受害者都得以倖存。
    Not all the victims survived
  • 但是說得委婉一些,並不是所有的錢都花得很明智。
    But not all the money, to put it mildly, has been used wisely
  • 技巧即使不是所有偉大藝術、也是其中大多數的根本基礎。
    Technical skill is a fundamental basis for most, if not all, great art.
  • 他表明了這樣的看法:並不是所有人的能力都相同。
    He uttered the opinion that not all men were equal in ability.
  • 「女性主義不必全然如此,」喬斷言。
    'Not all feminism has to be like this,' Jo maintains
  • 並不是所有常見於生物體中的化學物質都無害。
    Not all chemicals normally present in living organisms are harmless.
  • 這不是你一個人的過錯,我也有責任。
    It's not all your fault. I'm also responsible.
  • 並不是所有的託兒所都能抓住他們面臨的機會。
    Not all nursery schools make use of the opportunities open to them.
  • 並非所有的足球明星都是舉止粗野的人。
    Not all football stars are ill-behaved louts.
  • 不是所有的人都像薩姆那樣品德如此高尚,抑或恪守同樣的道德準則。
    Not all men are as honorable or hold to the same standards as Sam.
  • 也許有人看到了其中的一部分,但都不是全貌。
    Maybe one part of it, yes, but not all of it.
  • 經濟學人上的文章都是不署名的,但這並不意味着它們是編輯獨自工作的結果。
    Articles in the economist are not signed, but they are not all the work of the editor alone.
  • 她已經意識到這個保姆不只是她看起來的那樣。
    She had already cottoned on to the fact that the nanny was not all she appeared
  • 並非所有的報復行為都同等惡劣。
    Not all acts of vengeance are of equal gravity.
  • 一切並非無可挑剔,但已經竭盡全力了。
    Not all is perfect, but it isn't for want of trying.
  • 並不是所有未按時還債的情形都會導致喪失抵押品的贖回權。
    Not all delinquencies lead to foreclosure.
  • 手套不全成副。
    Not all the gloves would pair up.