on ones own

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  • 那些自己去實現夢想的人們才是真正的酷。
    Young people who can find their dream on their own are the ones who are really cool.
  • 一個偉大的例子將個人的有點像禮物是你自己的配偶的升級。
    A great example will be the a little like presents individuals upgrade on ones own spouse.
  • 可以在預定義的文件或前綴頂端定義您自己的過濾器。
    You can add your own filters on top of the predefined ones.
  • 我們設立的目標,必須是靠自己的能力所達不到的。
    We must set goals that are bigger than ones we can reach on your own.
  • 警方發言人Holger Jureczko稱,孩子們沒有大人陪伴,又帶了很多游泳用具。
    "What struck us was that the little ones were completely on their own and that they had lots of swimming gear with them," said Holger Jureczko, a police spokesman.
  • 只有法律意識,沒有自主意識。
    Only legal consciousness, no act on ones own consciousness.
  • 用戶提出的大多數改進意見僅憑我自己是永遠也想象不到的,並且有些改進意見具有非凡的見解。
    Most of the improvements from users are ones that I would have never imagined on my own, and a few are almost shocking in their insight.
  • 意思是,我們必須制定一個靠我們自己完不成的目標。
    It means we must set goals that are bigger than ones we can reach on your own.
  • 本公司除了關注幕牆保溫一體板本身的品質,更對建築防火及保溫裝飾的壽命有獨到的見解。
    In addition to concern about the walls of the insulation quality of ones own board, but also on building fire safety and life expectancy of insulation decoration insightful.
  • 勞動節到了,餵自己勞動,也為別人勞動!
    Labor Day arrived, feeds the living on ones own labor, also for others work!
  • 他們發現,和你自己前臂上的微生物相比,在你腋窩下的微生物與別人腋窩下的微生物更為相似。
    And found that the microbes in your armpit are more like those in someone else's armpit than the ones on your own forearm.
  • 鄧恩還說,客戶在新產品上的花費越來越少,他們希望的是自己擁有的東西能持續更長的時間。
    As customers spend less on new gadgets and want the ones they own to last longer, they're "really hungry not just for a transaction, " Dunn says.
  • 在另一個實驗中他們發現,當人們和其他人一起的時候,通常會點大份的冰沙,但當他們自己一個人的時候則更願意點小份。
    In another experiment they found that people tended to order large smoothies when they were with others but when they were on their own they would have smaller ones.
  • 她們的悲劇原因取決於各自的環境與心態。
    Their tragic reason depends on ones own environments and psychologies .
  • 過去你為什麼沒有處理那些毒害物質是因為獨自處理太可怕、或太痛苦,愛着你的人們大概也沒有辦法處理好。
    The reason you haven't processed all this toxic stuff is that it's too frightening or painful to handle on your own, and your loved ones probably can't process it all that well either.
  • 我們保證每瓶酒的新鮮度和質量,衷心希望每一杯酒成為您幸福生活的點綴,陪伴您的閒暇時光,或是承載與家人朋友共擁的美好時光。
    By assuring the freshness and quality of each bottle, we hope you will enjoy each glass of our wines as a bit of daily happiness and leisure on your own or shared with your beloved ones.
  • 他在一個本末顛倒的世界裡,注重人的道德自主和自律;
    He paid attention to peoples morals to act on ones own in a world where the order was put upside down;
  • 這是什麼意思呢?意思是,我們必須制定一個靠我們自己完不成的目標。
    What does this mean? It means we must set goals that are bigger than ones we can reach on your own.
  • 通過本文研究 DSDL 組成,包括 RELAX NG 和 Schematron,這兩者已經找到了各自的發展動力,而其他部分仍處於開發中。
    Discover the parts of DSDL, including RELAX NG and Schematron, that already have traction on their own, and the ones that are still works in progress.
  • 筆者就自己的看法對完善著作權法提出了幾點建議。
    I have proposed some suggestions in perfecting the copyright law on ones own view.
  • 孤單是一個人的狂歡。
    Loneliness is a party on ones own.