on the lookout

—— 英文翻譯成中文


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on the lookout - 注意,瞭望着
on the lookout for - 尋找,注意,密切注意着
be on the lookout - 把風,注意
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  • 橫穿一片開闊地是緩慢並且充滿危險的,因為撲食者可能正在尋找容易的目標。
    Progress across open ground is slow and fraught with danger as predators are on the lookout for easy pickings.
  • 阿斯貝爾又補充說:「當我們在警惕着孩子有沒有誇大其詞的時候,也要記着孩子口中訴說的那隻咆哮的狗對於孩子弱小的身軀來說要比對於我們的身體顯得大得多。
    「While we are on the lookout for exaggeration, we must bear in mind that the snarling dog the child is telling about was a lot larger to his small form than it was to ours,」 adds Asbell.
  • 每當計算作業似乎有些單調乏味或容易出錯時 — 例如,「手工」更新文檔 — 您就應該尋找使該過程自動化的方法。
    Whenever a computing job seems tedious or error-prone -- updating documents "by hand," for example -- you should be on the lookout for a way to automate the process.
  • 然後,在工作之餘可以關注一些新的機會,機會來的時候抓住它,享受生活。
    Then be on the lookout for new opportunities. Take them when they arise and enjoy life.
  • 游弋在土星周圍時,留意觀察土衛和土星環並列的如畫風景。
    While cruising around Saturn, be on the lookout for picturesque juxtapositions of moons and rings.
  • 確實是這麼回事,你的大腦隨時都在提防着危險的降臨,而危險一旦降臨那麼大腦會閃電般迅速的做出風險估計。
    But that's precisely what it is, a lightning-fast risk assessment performed by your reptilian brain, which is ever on the lookout for danger.
  • 您應該注意相應的配置文件路徑差異和其他差異。
    You should be on the lookout for configuration file path differences and substitute accordingly.
  • 如果你的老闆知道你在尋找一份新的工作,那麼千方百計讓這件事公之於眾。
    If your boss knows you're on the lookout for a new job, then by all means let it be known.
  • 這也就是她為什麼總是關注着可能出現的危險而且容易一驚一乍。
    That is why she is always on the lookout for possible danger and startles easily.
  • 留下一下像寵物展覽會這樣的其他的與寵物相關的小廣告,看看人類戶外運動是否可以帶寵物。
    Be on the lookout for fliers advertising other outdoor pet-related events like pet fairs and check if outdoor human events allow pets.
  • 工作室和喜劇演員們總是在不斷地尋找新的素材。
    Studios and the comedians are always on the lookout for good material.
  • 曼寧博士補充說,「如果人們希望未來有所發現的話,他們確實需要仔細尋覓。」
    Dr Manning added: 『It should mean that if people are excavating a find in the future they should be on the lookout.』
  • 經濟衰退正式告一段落,那些失業的或者急於換工作的人都在物色工作機會。
    With the recession officially over, anyone who's out of work or eager to change jobs is on the lookout for opportunities.
  • 他或她必須時刻監視流線型過程的工作而不降低質量 -- 包括了將項目工作產品保持最小化。
    He or she should be constantly on the lookout for opportunities to streamline process without sacrificing quality -- and that includes keeping project work products to a minimum.
  • 這些投資者通常因為早前在技術市場的成功而擁有巨額財富,正在尋找新的機會。
    These investors typically had made great wealth from earlier successes in technology markets and were on the lookout for new prospects.
  • 這將會使它自己陷入一個痴迷狀,我時常以一種瞭望的方式看着與宣傳有關的一切。
    This built itself into an obsession, and I'm always on the lookout for anything propaganda related.
  • 三年里,我的簡歷上列着(我做過的)四個職位,因為我總是在尋找着一個更好的、能給我帶來難以捉摸的滿足感的工作機會。
    My résumé listed four positions in three years because I was always on the lookout for a better opportunity that would bring the ever-elusive job satisfaction.
  • 你也可以向當地的集體和組織諮詢。
    Also, be on the lookout for local groups and organizations.