out of proportion

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out of proportion - 不成比例,不相稱,不合情理的
Out of all proportion - 不成比例的,不均衡的,完全不成比例
out of proportion - 不合情理的
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  • 它所帶來的影響,打破了人們對這些雕塑的審美觀,讓人覺得它們不僅精美,而且還不同尋常。
    Its effect ends up being all out of proportion to the objects discovered, which are, in strictly aesthetic terms, fine but not remarkable.
  • 在那裡,少數派的權力和他們的人數早已不成正比;更要命的是,那都是些頑固倔強且又毫無邏輯的少數派。
    There, the power of the minority – especially an obstinate and logic-resistant minority like this one – is riotously out of proportion to its numbers.
  • 其他人認為這樣的量度與真正的危險不成比例。
    Others believe that such measures are out of proportion to the real danger.
  • 但是,一旦這種擔憂持續時間過長或有些過度,就有可能演變為一種問題。
    But anxiety can become a problem when it becomes persistent or is out of proportion to the situation.
  • 她的意思是:我可能在這個時候爆發了,但是我已經不知所措了,是的,我請你出去。
    SHE MEANS: I may be blowing this out of proportion, but I'm overwhelmed and, yes, I'm taking it out on you.
  • 守財奴對花錢有一種情緒上的排斥──花錢的時候他們覺得很痛苦,而這種痛苦可能跟花的那點錢不成比例。
    Cheapskates have an emotional aversion to spending -- they can actually experience pain when they spend. The pain can be out of proportion to the amount spent。
  • 國會就是這樣設計的,如果少數派們聯合起來,他們能夠行使大於他們人數比例的權力。
    Congress was designed so that minorities can wield power well out of proportion to their number if they stick together.
  • Subbaraman說現在還沒有公開的數據能夠充分解釋為什麼外匯儲備的增長是如此不成比例,以及多出的這部分錢跑到哪裡去了。
    Subbaraman says there is no public data that fully explains why FX reserves are growing so far out of proportion, or where this excess money is going.
  • 如果公園微妙的平衡一旦被打破,這個世界失去的寶藏將遠遠大於她的面積。
    If the park's delicate balance ever fails, the world willlose a treasure far out of proportion to its size.
  • 他亦聲稱此一議題已經被新聞媒體「不成比例地誇大」。
    He has also claimed that the issue has been 「blown out of proportion」 by the press.
  • 但如果你再想想,正是這個特點,取代了傳統模式里的均衡,並把這種均衡完全捨棄
    But this, if you stop and think about it takes the traditional balance of things and throws it out of proportion.
  • 有多少人恐懼或者被狗襲擊受傷的和害怕野豬的人相比較是完全不成比例的。
    『Compare this with how many people are injured by or fear dogs, and fear of wild boar is completely out of proportion.』
  • 難點在於很多公司在對於社會職責的安排不合比例。
    The difficulties with CSR come when companies get it out of proportion.
  • 只有媒體才能在這塊土地上吹熄謠言。
    And the media blew these rumors out of proportion.
  • 一旦這種微妙而脆弱的平衡被打破,世界將失去一筆珍貴的財富,這是面積的大小無法衡量的。
    If the park's delicate balance ever fails, the world will lose a treasure far out of proportion to its size.