over study

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vt. 使…用功過度
vi. 用功過度
n. 過度用功
over study - 過度用功,過度學習
over seas study - 海外留學
Cross-over Study - 交叉研究,交叉試驗
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  • 在研究中我們發現,保護者的努力使得24種哺乳動物的數量出現上升。
    Over the study period, conservation efforts resulted in population increases for 24 mammal species.
  • 此外,在該研究的時間跨度內,維生素D水平低於每毫升10納克的人從2%升高到6%。
    Moreover, vitamin D levels of less than 10 nanograms per milliliter increased from 2 percent to 6 percent over the study period.
  • 每天的學習時間不要超過三個小時,通常情況下,超過這一學習時間的學習校果並不佳。
    Do not the time to learn every day more than 3 hours, usually over the study period of learning and poor school results.
  • 在研究期間,做過手術的患者體重平均降低了19.9公斤,而沒做過手術的患者平均只減少了1.3公斤。
    Over the study period, patients who had surgery lost an average of 19.9kg in weight, compared to an average of 1.3kg in the group who did not have surgery.
  • 女孩體重指數高於第九十九百分位的沒有變化,男孩在整個研究期間有稍微的變化。
    The rate in the over 99th percentile group didn't change for girls and changed little over the study period for boys.
  • 圖 4 是我們研究期間 D01MLC96 最繁忙的信息量(總數)的一個例子。
    Figure 4 is a sample of the busiest semaphores (total count) for D01MLC96 over our study period.
  • 研究期間,記錄了59165個產婦,173名產婦死亡,1661個死產嬰兒和1418個早產兒在護理區死亡。
    The study recorded 59 165 pregnancies, 173 maternal deaths, 1661 stillbirths and 1418 early neonatal deaths in its service area over the study period.
  • 它基於結構風險最小化原理,能有效地解決過學習問題,具有良好的推廣性和較好的分類精確性。
    It based on structural risk minimization can effectively solve the over study problem and the good extension and better classified accuracy.
  • 生態學家們現在正為一項研究而爭論不休,該研究認為氣候改變最終可能不會導致熱帶疾病的廣泛傳播。
    MUD-SLINGING has broken out among ecologists over a study suggesting that climate change might not spread tropical diseases far and wide after all.
  • 如果我有遲到,我能得到睡眠。 我會選擇在學生自修室的遲到。
    If I had late arrival, I would be able to get sleep. I would choose late arrival over study hall.
  • 關於我們機電產品的安裝,自主或者構造的建設,我們驗收任何研究和構造世界範圍內在我們的船用客戶要求的地方。
    Regarding our field of electrical installations, automations or panel construction, we take over whatever study and construction worldwide in the location of our shipping customers' request.
  • 廣西傷寒腸熱病發病率在研究期間內存在變動,1995年最高,為13.5例/10萬人,2003年最低,為6.5例/10萬人。
    In Guangxi province, enteric fever incidence rate varied over the study period, with a peak of 13.5 cases per 100 000 population in 1995 and a low of 6.5 in 2003.
  • 研究期間,總共有614名患者因SBO收治入院;
    A total of 614 patients were admitted for SBO over the study period;
  • 此項研究結果表明,髖部骨折病人的平均發病年齡隨着時間的推移而平穩地增加,每隔5年就會增加1歲。
    The mean age of patients sustaining hip fractures was found to be steadily increasing over the study period at a rate of 1 year of age for every 5-year time period.
  • 在研究期間,這些在藥物相關性死亡和嚴重損傷的報告中的數據,表明了顯著的增長。
    "These data show a marked increase in reported deaths and serious injuries associated with drug therapy over the study period, " the authors write.
  • 它基於結構風險最小化原理,能有效地解決過學習問題,具有良好的推廣性和較好的分類精確性。
    It based on structural risk minimization can effectively solve the over study problem and has the good extension and the better classified accuracy.
  • 要突破這種二元對立思維所帶來的屏障,就必須要從教育思維及其內在精神的層次上加以思考和研究。
    To break through its obstacle, we must think it over and study it thoroughly from the aspect of educational consciousness and its inner spirits.
  • 護理質量在研究期間有所改善,但是一些地區的表現仍未達到最佳標準。
    Quality of care improved over the study period, but performance remained suboptimal in some areas.
  • 在研究期間,與電腦相關的急性傷害事件有大幅度增加,這就需要我們予以更大的努力來避免這些傷害的發生,尤其是在低齡兒童中的發生。
    Given the large increase in acute computer-related injuries over the study period, greater efforts are needed to prevent such injuries, especially among young children.