parting shot

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n. 臨別時的狠話、特別表情或行為
parting shot - 臨告別時的最後一句話,精彩回瞬
deliver a parting shot - 說句臨走的話
A Parting Shot - 臨別射擊,臨走時說的一句氣話,火柴人弓箭手
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  • 他在門口停下來,說了臨別的最後一句話。
    He paused to deliver a parting shot at the door.
  • 說完怒氣沖沖大步走出了房間去。
    And, with that parting shot, he stormed out of the room.
  • 他對我放了最後的狠話:“你最好小心一點!”然後就離開了房間。
    He took a parting shot at me saying:"you'd better be careful! "and left the home.
  • 我臨走殺的回馬槍是:“絕不再為像你這種既笨又懶的人工作了。我真高興自己脫離這地方!
    My parting shot was 'Never again will I work for a guy as stupid and lazy as you are - I'm glad to be getting out of this place! '
  • 先生在離開前對他的朋友說了尖刻話,受到同仁的批評。
    Having taken a parting shot at his friends, Mr. A drew some criticism from his associates.
  • 離開前拍一拍它那完全橫過的背部,高金黃亮度及金頭特徵。
    Parting shot of its fully crossed scales, high gold intensity and golden head features.
  • 最後他說“至於那個無所不包的‘ 松耦合’;只要你願意,上述特性中的許多都可以得到!
    and concludes with a parting shot saying "... that [the] all encompassing term of " loose coupling"; one could essentially derive many of the above properties from it!
  • 他尤其欣賞她的臨別贈言。
    He particularly warmed to her parting shot.
  • 他恐嚇道,“哼,你們最好小心一點。” 說完怒氣沖沖大步走出了房間去。
    Well, you'd better be careful, he said threateningly. And, with that parting shot, he stormed out of the room.
  • 他說了一句氣話就衝出了屋子。
    With a parting shot he stormed out of the house.
  • Hienonen在告別時表示在航空業面對金融危機的挑戰時“一些組織並未表現出調整的願望”。
    Hienonen took a parting shot at "some personnel organizations that have shown no willingness to adapt" to the financial crisis the airline industry faces.
  • 剛剛被租借回到馬德里競技,蒂亞戈公開向尤文開火。
    Tiago has fired a parting shot at Juventus following his move back to Atletico Madrid on loan.
  • 離開前,照一次它著名的金頭特徵。
    A parting shot of its world renowned Golden Head features.
  • 然而蓋茨在離任時警告說,雖然他認為購買F-35一事雖不至於徹底沒戲,但“採購規模”也許不得不縮小。
    But in a parting shot, Mr Gates gave warning that although he did not think the F-35 faced cancellation, “the size of the buy” might have to be cut.